Monday Workout: Memorial Day Murph

Please note that we will have classes at 12PM and 5PM only today.  Both are free and open to the public.  Thanks!




  • Run 1 Mile
  • Pull-up x 100
  • Push-up x 200
  • Air Squat x 300
  • Run 1 Mile


  • Compare to 5/27/2012
  • Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats as needed.
  • Wear a 20lb vest if you have it.
  • Scale to “Half-Murph” if need be: 800m run, 50/100/150, 800m run.
  • Make recovery a priority this week.
  • Work hard.

In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. This workout was one of Mike’s favorites, and he’d named it ‘Body Armor.’ From here on it will be referred to as ‘Murph’ in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

1 Mile Route:

From the gym: 1) Turn left out of the parking onto Belleview Ave. 2) Turn left onto River Rd. 3) Run along River Rd until you get to River Ct. 4) Turn around and run back to gym.

1 Mile Route

27 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Memorial Day Murph

  1. 65:36?
    No partitioning, no weight vest, pretty humbling

  2. 54:10. Blue band.

  3. 36:55. That was so great working out with everyone today!

  4. 56:38 or thereabouts… Ouch!!

  5. 37:20
    Inspiring to see so many show up !! Thank you, Murph.

  6. 32:38 no vest

  7. I was at District Crossfit today to get murph done. 36:00 and I ran the fastest mile of my entire life clocked at 7:32.

  8. 26:32, did the 1/2, but my first WOD after essentials.

  9. 2 Days of Memorial Day Suckitude to honor our fallen vets.

    Sunday-In uniform for the first time in 12 years including combat boots.

    1) Memorial Day group skydive. If you screw it up you are penalized one minute on your time.

    2) Parachute Accuracy: once under canopy, you are to land on the target in the landing area. The timer for your event will start once your feet touch the ground. If you are not in on the target, then you will run with your gear still on to the target to meet your judge. Once at the target you will step away and take your gear off. Once you have taken off your gear and are safely clear of the target you may start event 3

    3) Push-ups: 100 push ups.

    4) 500 m run

    5) Pull Ups: 50 pull ups.

    6) 250 m run

    7) Weighted Squats: 100 squats while holding a 25 lb plate. The first 50 reps, the weight must be held overhead. The second 50 can be held however you want. Female weight will be 15 lbs.

    8) Burpees over the bench: 50 burpees jumping over 1 foot high benches

    18:39 and a solid puke. Congrats to 4 skydiving pals who dont do crossfit for doing this in under 30 minutes. 3 of us vomited. Good times.

    Monday – Full Murph. 20 lb vest for the first half, tapped out on the vest for the second half. 39:37.

    1. Don’t use your name anymore on here. Just.

      BAMF. You know what it means, you are what it means.

      Salute sir!

      1. Thanks. Back at you!

  10. Murph: 41:55.

    As a combat veteran of Iraq and someone who has spent a lot of time in Afghanistan over the past five years, I appreciate the enthusiasm about Memorial Day—and about military service in general—among the CrossFit crowd. All the same, I would encourage anyone who truly cares about military veterans to go beyond the handshakes and “thank you for your service” level of engagement and actually take the time to learn about what soldiers and Marines did in Iraq, and what they are still doing in Afghanistan. Including the men and women who have CrossFit WODs named after them, some 6,714 American troops have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, and more than 30,000 have been wounded. The vast majority of them were not Special Operators, but junior enlisted troops killed by IEDs and small arms in firefights that only they and their squad mates know about. 65,000 troops are still in Afghanistan. So while you’re doing a HERO WOD like Murph, make sure to engage your intellect and your heart as much as you’re engaging your muscular and respiratory systems. Do our veterans the honor of trying to understand what they’ve been through, and why. Ask the hard questions. That’s my Memorial Day wish.

    1. Elliott,

      It is easy to lose sight of the real reasons for a lot of what happens around us these days. Especially when days like this have been hyped and commercialized to the point that most people only think about BBQ and beer. Thank you for reminding this small slice of humanity that there is true sacrifice to be remembered, and that it is going on right now as we speak. As we ran Murph today, there was death and destruction to dwarf any temporary discomfort that we might have felt. I really try to keep that perspective alive and present in my mind, and I hope that most of us do the same.

      Thank you for your service past and present.


  11. 16:32- 1/2 everything

  12. 42:44 pus on rings at home

  13. Vest. 35:30

    Easy compared to being dead.

    Salute Murph and all of those that came before, have followed since, and will fall in the future. You sacrifice will not be forgotten by us.

  14. From NKC, Kabul, Afghanistan: 52:56 w/35# body armor and the company of 10+ Great Americans. RIP, Lt. Murphy!

  15. 40:40 red band

  16. 37:08 rx

  17. 38:35 full miles/50-100-150 reps

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