Tuesday Workout: Strength Day

Congrats to Clay and Kristen on their wedding this past weekend!!
Congrats to Clay and Kristen on their wedding this past weekend!!


A1. Shoulder Press 8 x 3, 3010 Tempo; rest 1 minute

A2. DB Split Squat (back foot elevated) 8/leg x 3, 3010 Tempo; rest 2 minutes

*Note: A1 and A2 are supersets.  Do a set of A1, rest 1 minute, then do a set of A2. Rest 2 minutes and then repeat for 3 total sets. TEMPO is important! Push the weight but make sure you are able to maintain tempo.  


Row 500m, rest exactly 90 seconds, Row 500m.  Record 500m times.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Strength Day

  1. PP@ 65#
    Dbl Split Squat w 20# dbls
    Extra Credit Rows: 2:07, 2:06

  2. PP @ 65#
    Split Squats @ 35#
    Row: 1:38/1:44

  3. 95,105,105x7f
    1000m row at 2:00/split

    1. how was that post-Murph recovery row?

      1. like a bloody mary to a hangover- thanks

  4. SP: 95#
    Split Squat: 90# (45# ea. hand)

    2x 500m row: 1:42, 1:42

  5. SP: 89#
    Weighted calf raises x 20: 35# /each hand

    500m rows: 1:42, 1:40

  6. SP- 55#
    Split Squat- 25# dbs

  7. SP: 95#
    SS: 26#

  8. Press 85#
    Squat 20#
    Row 1:56/2:05

  9. Strict presses at 75#, 85#, 85# x 7. Sloppy on the tempo. 25# dumbbells; sloppy on the tempo there too. No row.

  10. SP: 55#
    25# db split squat

    Lamed out on rowing at 11am Sat make-up. Hate the heat…
    250m x2/ 1:03/1:04

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