Friday Workout: Skill And Strength



Work on squat clean thruster technique


Level 1

On The Minute (OTM) For 16 Minutes

  • Even Minutes: Dumbbell Squat Clean Thruster (35/20) x 5
  • Odd Minutes: Ring Row x 5-10, Box Jump (18/12) x 3

Level 2

OTM For 20 Minutes:

  • Even Minutes: Touch and Go Squat Clean Thruster (115+/85+) x 5
  • Odd Minutes: Muscle Up 2-3, Box Jump (30+/24+) x 3

Record Squat Clean Thruster weight, Muscle Up reps or “Pull” variation, and Box height.

*Notes: You perform the work at the top of the minute and then rest for the remainder of the minute.  For example, if doing level 2: at “3-2-1 Go” you will do 5 TNG Squat Clean Thrusters, then rest until the top of the next minute, where you will then do 2-3 Muscle Ups and 3 Box Jumps.  The ‘+’ means go heavier or higher if you can.  These numbers are guidelines.

**Scale Muscle Ups to most challenging pulling variation for you. Ring muscle up –> bar muscle up –> strict chest to bar pull-up –> weighted pull-up –> strict pull-up–> strict banded pull-up –> pull-up negative, etc.


  • Regular class make-up (10am and 11am) on June 8 is CANCELLED due to the weightlifting seminar we are hosting with Phil Sabatini.  However, we will still be running ESSENTIALS and our FREE INTRO on June 8 at noon!
  • Please note that we will be holding a regular CrossFit class make-up session on June 9 (Sunday) from 11am-12pm to make up for the cancellation.
  • Send any recipes you would like to share for the Sunday recipe post to Scott!  Anyone can contribute!  Thanks

10 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Skill And Strength

  1. 55#, ring rows/box dips, 24″
    Went light bc hands were destroyed by murph

  2. 65#, 24”, red bands

  3. 115# for 7 rounds, then down to 95# for the last 3, Strict PU’s, 32″ Jump

  4. 115, most rounds broken
    3 mu’s all unbroken

  5. 45#, thin blue bands, 20″ box (smallest height of the big ones under the pullup bars)

  6. RX for 14 rounds. Lower back needs a break this weekend.

  7. Thrusters @ 95#
    2 muscle ups per round unbroken
    30″ box jumps

  8. 3 squat clean thrusters per round @85#
    2 bar muscle ups
    3 box jumps (24″ w/ 45# plate)

  9. 115#
    3 mus

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