T-Shirt Pre-order Form and Instructions

Hey CrossFit Charlottesville – We will be putting in an order for new t-shirts soon!  The shirts are made by Hopper Apparel.  We are taking pre-orders until June 12, and we will only take cash payment.  Please fill out the form below before June 12 to guarantee your size and color.  The cost to pre-order a shirt is $20 and you can either pay cash when you pick up the shirt or prior to the order arriving.  We will have varied sizes and colors available if you do not wish to pre-order, but the cost of the t-shirt will be $30 and only pre-ordering guarantees the shirt you want.

Please click the hyperlink below to access the form.  Submit responses by no later than June 12.

T Shirt Pre-order Form

Please email Scott if you have any questions!

T Shirt Proofs




tshirtblack tshirtblack2

6 thoughts on “T-Shirt Pre-order Form and Instructions

  1. what does it say?

    1. I think the translation is equivalent to “super strong” or “super fit”

    2. Yeah. 超級 (chāojí) means “super”, and 強健 (qiángjiàn) means “strong and healthy” or “fit”.

      1. …learned something new

  2. Translation: Buck Furpees

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