Tuesday Workout: Muscle Ups


Muscle-Up Technique (transitions, banded, kipping, strict)


Level 1

OTM 10:

  • Even Minutes: Deadlift (135/95) x 5, Burpee x 5
  • Odd Minutes: Ring Row x 5, Single Under x 15

Level 2

OTM 12:

  • Even Minutes: Deadlift (275/185) x 5, Burpee Over the Bar x 5-10
  • Odd Minutes: Muscle Up x 2-3, Double Under x 15

*Notes: You perform the work at the top of the minute and then rest for the remainder of the minute.  For example, if doing level 2: at “3-2-1 Go” you will do 5 Deadlifts and 5-10 Burpees Over the Bar, then rest until the top of the next minute, where you will then do 2-3 Muscle Ups and 15 Double Unders.

Record Deadlift weight, number of Burpees, Muscle Up variation, and DU variation.  Scale so that you are able to complete the work within the minute.

**Scale Muscle Ups to most challenging pulling variation for you. Ring muscle up –> bar muscle up –> strict chest to bar pull-up –> weighted pull-up –> strict pull-up–> strict banded pull-up –> pull-up negative, etc.


18 Comments on “Tuesday Workout: Muscle Ups

  1. OTM 10 minutes:

    5 DL @ 275# / 6-10 bar burpees
    3 muscle ups / 10-15 DUs

  2. Level 2:
    225# DL, Strict Pullups with 8# medicine ball, counted DU attempts (but did string 10 in a row which is a first)

  3. 225 DL. 10 burpees. 8 total MU (2 rds of 2, and 4 rds of 1 w/4 pull ups/failed attempts)

  4. RX w/5 burpees per round. Had to do my last three burpees after the final round because the rings were dripping. (That’s my excuse anyway)

  5. 165# DL, 5 burpees, 3 PUs, 5 DUs (single, single, double)

  6. subbed 45# good mornings for deadlifts; 8 burpees
    banded strict pull ups; 15 double unders

  7. DL: 225
    Burpees: 6
    2×3 ring dips… switched to 4 reps of pu’s after aggravating my trap
    SU’s with just a few DU’s thrown in

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