Friday Workout: Skill and a Chipper



Handstand Pushups Against Wall

Note: Work on kicking up to handstand holds if you are unable to do a full handstand pushup (or walk up so that chest is against wall).  Work on deficit handstand pushups if you are able to (add plates to elevate hands).


Level 1

Complete the following for time:

  • Step up and Over the Box Jumps (18/12) x 40
  • Ring Row x 40
  • Wall Ball (14/8) x 40
  • Box Pushup x 40

Level 2

Complete the following for time:

  • Over the Box Jumps (24/20) x 50
  • Chest to Bar Pullup x 50
  • Wall Ball (20/14) x 50
  • Plyo Push-up (Alternate Hand on 25lb plate) x 50


23 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Skill and a Chipper

  1. oh that wod is just mean

    Is this what you’re talking about?

    1. That’s it! Nice find on the video

    2. I’m totally going to bust my face halfway through those plyos

  3. Great workout

    13:00 RX

  4. 14:51, regular pullups and walking pushups

  5. Fun one!
    16:49 (i think)
    Red band, and walking push ups.

  6. HSPU: Negatives and Kipping
    WOD: 19:04
    BJ: 20″ jump up/jump down
    Pullups (5 chest to Bar, 10 chin to bar, 35 blue band)
    Wall Balls: 14#
    Plyo PUs: Slow but rx

  7. 16:40 w/ box push ups, Plyos weren’t happening

  8. 15:00rx (owwwie)

  9. 15:52- subbed 25lb slam balls for wall balls after knee gave out

    1. wow, great time. Slam balls for Wall Balls – painful.

  10. 14:10 – Level 1, 10lb wall ball

  11. 17:28

  12. 13:48 – the Plyos took time, and they hurt (good stuff) – my C2B could have been better – I think I could do the WOD faster.

  13. 13:00 red band PU and walking pushups

  14. On Sunday, with 40 reps/movement and regular pull ups: 13:31

    Shoulder is starting to feel better!

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