Tuesday Workout: Team Chipper

Awesome turnout at the BBQ this past Friday!
Great times at the BBQ this past Friday!


Kipping Pull-up, working on technique.  If unable to perform an unassisted body weight pull-up, you can also use this time to work on pull-up strength.


In Teams of 2, complete the following for time:

  • Farmer Carry (70/53 per hand) x 200m
  • Row x 2000m
  • Double Under x 200
  • Push-up x 150
  • Slam Ball (30/20) x 100

Only one person working at a time.  If raining/t-storms outside, perform 8 laps down and back along the pull-up rig for the 200m Farmer Carry.

For L1, scale DU’s to 1:1 Single Unders (i.e. if splitting up work evenly P1 might do 100 DU’s whereas P2 might do 100 singles).

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Team Chipper

  1. 19:08 – FC: 53; SUs

  2. 20:20- FC:53#, SUs, 20# SB

  3. wish i was in town for this, but if anyone is interested in the Civilian Military Race: https://www.livingsocial.com/events/734884

  4. 17:41 with landon

  5. 23:55 with Pam (45# db)

  6. 21:08 w/Bob. Rx except for SUs

  7. 20:06 w/ Taylor

    1. 70# farmers carry

  8. 20:54 w/ mike

  9. Solo- 1/2 Tuesday WOD / subbed box jumps for PU’s- 13:22

  10. 22:56 w/ katie; SU

  11. 21:25 with Kiersten, rx for her, 53# farmers carry for me

  12. 20:50 with Kim, 45# Farmers Carry. rest rx

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