Tuesday Workout: Helen




3 Rounds for time of:

  • Run x 400m
  • Kettlebell Swing (53/35) x 21
  • Pull-up x 12

*Notes: For Level 1, scale KBS to lighter Russian Swings (35/20) and Pull-ups to Ring Rows

Compare to 03/19/13


  • Tabata weighted plank holds

32 Comments on “Tuesday Workout: Helen

  1. 15:34, KB 35lbs, green banded pullups/ring rows

    Last time (3/19/13) I had just begun CF and couldn’t finish the third round.

  2. 13:27 Rx

    Over a minute slower than March, but I always do terrible at this WOD in the heat and this was my first metcon in about 3 months, so I’m just happy I survived. 🙂

  3. 14:40? Rx – way off the mark, I ran like a slug

    Everyone, this is a popular WOD that we do 4-6 times a year, so please report your score. You’ll really want to know where your progress stands next time we do this. I really wish I had recorded all of mine! 2 for 12…no bueno! 😦

  4. Did this as a make-up on 6/30/13
    30 lb KB
    Ring Rows

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