Wednesday Workout: AMRAP15 with some Get-ups

Good luck Tiffany.  We're going to miss you!!

Good luck Tiffany. We’re going to miss you!!


Level 1

AMRAP in 12 Minutes of:

  • Row x 250m
  • Box Push-up x 5
  • Sandbag Get-Up x 10 (5 per side)
  • Jump Rope Single Unders x 50

Level 2

AMRAP in 15 Minutes of:

  • Row x 250m
  • Wall Walk x 5
  • Sandbag Get-Up (50s/30s) x 10 (5 per side)
  • Double Under x 40

Notes:  Sandbag is on your shoulder for the sandbag get-up – do 5 get-ups with the bag on the right shoulder and 5 on the left.


  • RSVP for the 4 Year Anniversary Party happening this Sunday, July 7, at Wild Wings!  When you’re at the gym, check out their awesome new gluten free menu — you can find a copy next to the chalk board as well as on the cork board.

July 4 Class Schedule:

Tomorrow, July 4, we will be holding ONE CLASS only at 10am!  Members are welcome to bring their family and friends to the workout.

On Friday, July 5, most classes are cancelled with the exception of the following classes/class times:

  • C’ville Burn at 7am
  • Regular CrossFit Class at 12pm
  • Regular CrossFit Class at 445pm

We will return to normal class schedule on Saturday, July 6.  Thanks!!

12 Comments on “Wednesday Workout: AMRAP15 with some Get-ups

  1. 2 + 1 get up (32# bag)

    I’m pretty sure Scott designed this workout specifically to punish me and threw in the double unders so it wouldn’t be too obvious. 😛

  2. 2 + 30 DUs RX

    Couldn’t get the DUs to happen in the first round, sucked up a lot of time

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