Wednesday Workout: Power Snatch OTM



Power Snatch: Spend about 10 minutes working up to weight for 3 Rep Power Snatch (NOT a 3RM)


Level 1

OTM 12

  • Even Minutes: Power Snatch x 3, Tuck Jump x 5
  • Odd Minutes: V-Up x 5-10, Lunge x 10

Level 2

OTM 12

  • Even Minutes: Power Snatch (Heavy) x 3, Double Under x 15 (or Single x 15-30)
  • Odd Minutes: Toe to Bar x 5-10, Lunge x 12

Notes: Does not have to be touch and go for the power snatch.  If space allows, do walking lunges for the lunge portion.

16 Comments on “Wednesday Workout: Power Snatch OTM

  1. Hey everyone! If you dread snatch day, because “aw man I’m not good at those” or eagerly await them because “yay! I love working on this lift!”, remember that you can ALWAYS come down to the C’ville Strength classes, too! We’re here to help you lift what you want with more focused attention to detail.

    The classes count as regular Crossfit classes, and we hold sessions Mon/Wed 7-8:30pm, and Sat/Sun at noon. Don’t worry about what’s “programmed” for the day, you can just come and lift (with one-on-one coaching) ;D

  2. Hotel modified…

    Even mins: 7 push ups, 7 air squats, 15 double unders
    Odd mins: 10 v-ups, 12 lunges

  3. 5 DL’s , 15 DU’s
    10 T2B until I couldn’t hold on any longer..and 12 lunges

  4. c’ville burn: 260 reps (14# WB, 25# Slam Ball) One session to go!

  5. 70# power snatch, 25 single unders, avg. 7 v-ups, 12 lunges

  6. Make up Saturday 9/28/13

    16 mins:
    3 power snatch @ 95#, 15 double unders
    5 strict t2b, 12 lunges

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