Tuesday Workout: Deadlifts and Team Rowing

Setting up for the Sprint Chipper at the 2013 CrossFit Games
Setting up for the Sprint Chipper at the 2013 CrossFit Games


Deadlift, 5-3-2-5-3-2, Rest about 2-3 Minutes between sets

Notes: The deadlift sets should be wave loaded. Work up to a heavy set of 2.


In Teams of 2:

  • P1 Row for Max Distance
  • P2 Plank Hold (on elbows)

Time Cap of 12 Minutes.  As soon as P2 fails the plank hold, partners must switch and P2 rows while P1 holds plank on elbows.  For every switch subtract 50m from overall score.

For Level 1, scale plank hold to a straight arm plank hold.


  • Register for the “31 Heroes” Workout, August 3 from 10-12pm.  See our Facebook event for more information.
  • “First Friday” pot-luck style BBQ will be held at the gym this Friday, August 2!  RSVP on Facebook and bring your friends!  The last event was a ton of fun and we hope everyone can make it out this time around.  Come hang out and eat some good food with friends before kicking off the “31 Heroes” workout.

13 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Deadlifts and Team Rowing

  1. DL: 295
    WOD: 2736 with Kiersten

  2. DL up to 185# and 1 rep at 195# yay yay
    WOD: 2220 good job, Courteney!

  3. DL: 225/275/325, 275/325/375
    WOD: around 3150 w/ Aaron

  4. Deadlift: 275, 325, 355, 325, 355, 375
    WOD: 2655m with Jaron visiting from out of town. (five total switches)

  5. 275-295-315
    1350 solo mirroring

  6. DL: 225
    WOD: 2450

  7. DL: 145, 155, 165, 155, 165, 190
    WOD: 2575 (with Seth)

    Thanks for hanging tough on the rower, Seth!

    1. (3 switches)

    2. Nice work Lex! I think I was the only person today who wanted to call for a switch from the rower…

      DL: 225, 245, 275, 245, 275, 305

  8. DL: 295
    WOD: 2762? w/ Mike H. (5 switches)

  9. DL: 145
    WOD: 2360 with Jo (4 switches)

  10. DL: 275
    WOD: 2612 w/ Aaron

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