Tuesday Workout: Team Battleship!



Spend 10 minutes working on handstand push-up progressions


“Team Battleship”


  • Partner Rowing and Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

Teams of 2.  One person rows while the other does kettlebell swings.  You can only score points while someone is actively rowing.  The final score is total calories on the rower plus total number of kettlebell swings.

Compare to 1/29/11

15 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Team Battleship!

  1. Hotel WOD:
    3 rounds (rest 1 min between rounds)
    20 push ups
    30 sit ups
    40 air squats
    50 double unders

    13:30 moving in slow mo today

  2. Here’s a slightly more recent time we did this WOD (almost exactly 2 years ago): http://crossfitcharlottesville.com/2011/08/03/thursday-workout-max-bench-and-team-wod/

  3. At home WOD:
    1 mile Run: 8:00
    Row 5×500 intervals with 1:1 effort to rest ratio (no rest after 5th) = 13:01
    1 Mile Run: 7:54

    Cash out 100 vertical wall situps (legs vertical on wall)

  4. WOD: Total score = 414 (53# kbs)

    1. cals: 184
      kbs: 230 (my partner used 70# for kbs)

  5. w/ Kim (GREAT partner! No offense to my original partner, Joe, from way back when, but Kim was awesome)

    cals: 166
    total KBs (53# each): 271
    Total score: 437 rx

    Then we bro’d out with some barbell curls (in the squat rack…)
    -up to a set of 3 at 59#, then down sets of 5 at 49# and another at 44# (wee bitty biceps)

  6. 437 w/Hannah
    53# russians

  7. w/ Cory: 364rx (cant remember the breakdown)

  8. Team Walpole: 419 (238 Swings [70# Russians for Joe, 53# Russians for Lex] + 181 calories)

    Joe’s hand tore about halfway through, so he only rowed for the last 7 minutes while I did swings.

  9. With Lauren – 494 total (35# KB for both of us)

  10. With Tim – 499 total (35# x3, 25# x2 for KB)

  11. With Emma – 378 – Or something along those lines; did 70 swings American, then Russian

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