Wednesday Workout: Free Week Team Chipper!

Reminder: Please show up to class at least 10 minutes early and sign a waiver if it is your first time.



In Teams of 2, Complete the Following For Time:

  • Run x 400m
  • Jump Rope Double Under x 200
  • Run x 400m
  • Abmat Sit-up x 100
  • Run x 400m
  • Weighted Lunge (50/30) x 100
  • Run x 400m

Notes: Both teammates complete the running portions together – otherwise only one person working at a time. Use a sandbag or another implement for the weighted lunge, and scale as needed.  Use an abmat for the sit-ups if necessary.

*Level 1 subs:

  • Substitute Jump Rope Single Under (2x reps) for Double Unders
  • Scale Running Portions to 200m if necessary or use rower
  • Scale Weighted Lunges to Bodyweight Lunges


  • Chris Garay will be hosting a kettlebell seminar on September 8 from 9am to noon! Register here, or visit the Facebook event for more details (registration info also included in FB event)

13 Comments on “Wednesday Workout: Free Week Team Chipper!

  1. Walden Garage Gym

    Press 5-3-1 up to 165

    Front Skwats up to 265

    Then 20 at BW of 165

    5 RFT
    10 strict chin ups
    20 push ups


  2. 21:25 with Goki (run,su,23#sb)
    Felt strong doing this WOD. Thanks to C’ville Burn?

  3. Matt & Cliff
    18:00 (single-unders w/ intermittent double-unders, 53# sandbag)

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