Wednesday Workout: Free Week Team Chipper!

Reminder: Please show up to class at least 10 minutes early and sign a waiver if it is your first time.



In Teams of 2, Complete the Following For Time:

  • Run x 400m
  • Jump Rope Double Under x 200
  • Run x 400m
  • Abmat Sit-up x 100
  • Run x 400m
  • Weighted Lunge (50/30) x 100
  • Run x 400m

Notes: Both teammates complete the running portions together – otherwise only one person working at a time. Use a sandbag or another implement for the weighted lunge, and scale as needed.  Use an abmat for the sit-ups if necessary.

*Level 1 subs:

  • Substitute Jump Rope Single Under (2x reps) for Double Unders
  • Scale Running Portions to 200m if necessary or use rower
  • Scale Weighted Lunges to Bodyweight Lunges


  • Chris Garay will be hosting a kettlebell seminar on September 8 from 9am to noon! Register here, or visit the Facebook event for more details (registration info also included in FB event)

13 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Free Week Team Chipper!

  1. 22:25 with Elisabeth (row, su’s, 34#sb)

  2. 24:45 with Michelle (Robinson); Row

  3. Did your wife come to try us out?? Yay!

    1. She’s been before. But today we did it at 0500 at Gold’s.

      Oh and, the rowers sucked!!

      1. are you avoiding me?!

      2. Again – 0600!

        not trying to, it just happens that way.

  4. 19:21 (solo w/ row and only 50 lunges)

  5. Walden Garage Gym

    Press 5-3-1 up to 165

    Front Skwats up to 265

    Then 20 at BW of 165

    5 RFT
    10 strict chin ups
    20 push ups


  6. 20:40 (solo)

  7. Karl & Justin
    17:04 rx’d

  8. 21:25 with Goki (run,su,23#sb)
    Felt strong doing this WOD. Thanks to C’ville Burn?

  9. Matt & Cliff
    18:00 (single-unders w/ intermittent double-unders, 53# sandbag)

  10. 19:13
    Anchored sit-ups
    52# sb

    Nice work team pecs!

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