Wednesday Workout: PS and T2B, Plus Jump Rope and Wall Balls



5 Sets, Every 2 Minutes:

  • Power Snatch at 75% x 3
  • Toe To Bar* x 5-7 (Goal should be an unbroken set each time)

Notes: Sub V-Ups for Toes To Bar if necessary.  On Power Snatches, focus on technique before weight if still learning the movement.


Level 1

3 Rounds for Time of:

  • Jump Rope Single x 50
  • Wall Ball to 9′ Target (14/10) x 20

Level 2

3 Rounds for Time of:

  • Double Under x 25
  • Wall Ball to 10′ Target (20/14) x 25


Blue Ridge Trail Run Fun

Please complete the form HERE if you are interested in running the Blue Ridge Burn Trail Run on October 12.  Last year we had a great turnout for the race, and it will be a lot of fun this year!  There’s a discount if we get a team of 10 or more to sign up, and there’s always the option for a nice post-race beer at Devil’s Backbone.  Once we have the responses in the form, Scott will take care of everyone’s registration and follow up with you individually on how to pay for the race.  See the flyer here or visit their website for more information: BURN_runningclubflyer.

Warrior Dash

Do people want to get a team together and represent CrossFit Charlottesville at the Warrior Dash at the end of the month?  Contact Scott and we can see about getting a group discount if you we can get enough people to sign up.  Registration for the event closes September 24.

Nutrition Challenge

Stay tuned to our Facebook and website for details on the upcoming Fall Nutrition Challenge – this will be our Eighth Challenge!  We are planning to hold the kickoff sometime around September 20 (either Friday or Saturday).  You can still participate even if that weekend poses a conflict. More info to come.

Foam Rolling Clinic

Mark your calendars, because our friends at the Airrosti Rehab Center are holding a FREE clinic at our gym on how to properly use a foam roller.  The date for the clinic is tentatively set for the end of this month – September 28 at 9am!  What better way to get warmed up for your Saturday morning workout or jump start your weekend with some mobility work.  Please contact Scott if you are interested in attending or have any questions.

17 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: PS and T2B, Plus Jump Rope and Wall Balls

  1. PS: 35#, v-ups
    WOD: L1 5:57 (su’s, 8#)

  2. PS: 70#, T2B (6/rnd)
    WOD: L1: 6:50 (rd 1 &3 s,s,dbl- rd 2 su) WB @ 14#
    Felt sluggish during WOD. But, I did get in a lot of DUs and that’s gratifying.

  3. PS: 115 (I should have arrived earlier and warmed up more)
    WOD: 5:41 (my DU were poor, and the WBs were painful)

  4. Linda in the Walden Garage

    This was probably one of the top 5 hardest WODs I’ve ever done, just a brutal grind! And it being 90 degrees and the cleans done on a concrete pad in the sun didn’t help!

    DL: 240
    Bench: 160
    Clean: 120


  5. PS: 65# w/5 t2b
    WOD: 6:48 w/ DUs and 14# (I’ve lost my DU rhythm!)

  6. PS: 75# w 5 t2b
    WOD: 5:40 – DUs first round, then i wanted to cry so switched to singles

  7. PS @85# + 5 T2B
    WOD: 5:17

  8. PS: 135# (hang) + 5 t2b
    WOD: 7:09 Rx

  9. Part 1: 115# PS, 7 reps/rd
    Part 2 WOD: 5:35. My conditioning is off. I useda 20# ball, but i was only doing 20 reps, and getting like death. Plus side, my double unders were fine.

  10. PS – 60#, T2B – 7
    WOD: 5:49 Rx WB to the 9′ target

    (Rope broke 2 reps into the 3rd rd, so I lost some time frantically running around looking for a new rope. Tate, I appreciate the offer, but there’s just a slight height difference. 😛 )

  11. PS/T2B: 135#/7 (unbroken)
    WOD: 4:00 Rx;d (unbroken)

    1. Dave’s on a roll…look out!

  12. PS: 85#, T2B: 7
    WOD: 5:46 rx

  13. PS: 85#, T2B: 5
    WOD: 5:24 Rx

  14. PS: 95#, T2B 6
    WOD 5:00 (DUs fell apart rd 1, SUs rd 2-3) 20# WB

  15. PS: 85#, 7 strict t2b
    10 mins OTM – even: 25 double unders, odd: 10 wallballs

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