Thursday Workout: Team Superfit DC 2013 “Row Your Boat”

Sign up for the gymnastics seminar with Chris G on October 20!



Kettlebell Snatch


In Teams of 2: Max Calorie Row in 12 Minutes

Teams will have 12 minutes to row for as many calories as possible.  Before a team can begin rowing, they must complete 75 kettlebell snatches (53/35). Only one person working at a time, teams can switch as many times as they want.

For Level 1: Scale to 2x reps of one arm kettlebell swing

Compare scores here.


Gymnastics Seminar with Chris G!  October 20 (Sunday), 9-Noon

Want to finally get that first muscle up or learn some great drills for how to get there?  Sign up for the gymnastics workshop with Chris Garay (“Handstands, Rings, and Pistols”)!  RSVP on the Facebook Event and use our TicketLeap link to register today!


Mark your calendars, because we will be hosting a Yoga class on November 3 (Sunday) at 2pm!  Free for members and $5 for non-members if you want to bring a friend or two!  Stay tuned for more details.


We’re playing paintball on October 27 (Sunday) at ZwackerZ Paintball!  Anyone can join in on the fun, especially if you’ve never played before!  There’s a sign-up sheet next to the chalkboard in the gym, and you can also RSVP to the Facebook Event.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Team Superfit DC 2013 “Row Your Boat”

  1. Skipped today’s WOD, opted for a chipper: 5rds for time = 35:47
    25 DU’s
    8xDL @135#
    8xGMH situp with 6#med ball

  2. 150 cals with Kristen.

  3. 143 w/ Ross (26# for me, Rx for him)

  4. 90 cals- solo, 8 min total time, 40 kbs

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