Sunday Recipes: Back in Action!

Meats and cheeses... thats a good start

Meats and cheeses… thats a good start

Hey everyone, we’re going to be bringing the recipe page back to life and we’re hoping to get submissions and feedback from all members and trainers. At a minimum I will be updating the recipe page every other week, with my own recipes and recipes from around the web that I think are notable and should be brought to our community. If we receive recipe submissions I’ll be able to make posts more frequently.

On that note, submitting a recipe is really easy! Just write up a description and the recipe (including a picture of the dish is optional, but encouraged) and email it to me: If you’re using a recipe from a published website or text, please include some citation information so that we’re able to give credit and link to the recipe originators. Feel free to add your own thoughts on a recipe, including tweaks or changes that you’ve made to improve or “paleo-ify” the original.

As for the types of recipes and posts, this will be tailored to an athletic diet, focusing (but not limited to) paleo items. However, we have a diverse community and would like to make this a useful resource for everyone, so feel free to submit anything pertaining to your own dietary style or training goals. I would also be happy to include posts on food preparation and presentation, again in an effort to educate and share within our community of CrossFit athletes.

I want to emphasize that this is a resource and tool to share culinary advice to everyone in our community. Making changes to diet can be the most challenging aspect of body recomposition (weight loss/gain, adipose to muscle conversion, etc.), and sharing tips and recipes among each other will hopefully assist in everyone’s endeavors to reach their own training goals. Food is meant to be enjoyed, so let’s strive to have fun in the kitchen with fresh, healthy recipes that reflect our shared active lifestyle.

Have fun and happy cooking!


12 Comments on “Sunday Recipes: Back in Action!

  1. Good timing, Joe….this is the season of cozy, staying in- type recipes! I love your reference- “recipes from around the web, rather than, (old school) recipes from around the world …nice!

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  3. I think this is a great idea and I certainly like to cook so always looking for new things.

    Additionally, I wanted to take the chance to share a business I started with another Darden student called Yolo Meals. We work with local chefs to bring healthy, prepared meals to the busy individual.

    The quick download:
    – Sign up for our weekly menu email by sending an email to

    – Menu goes out on Friday and orders must be placed by Saturday evening for the week ahead

    – Menu changes weekly and but is always focused on healthy, locally sourced ingredients

    – Current drop off’s include Crossfit and Darden but let us know if you have ideas for additional locations!

    – Food stays fresh for up to 5 days so you can eat for lunch or dinner!

    – Family style meals also available

    – Pricing: 1 meal for $12.99, 2 meals for $12.49 each, 3 meals for $11.99 each, 4+ meals for $11.49 each

    Any questions contact us at or me directly at!

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    • I think I hear tell that you make a mean cauliflower pizza 😛

      That would definitely be a nice addition!

      • Whoops, I read “Megan R. ” and thought Meg Runion… I haven’t heard anything about your cauliflower pizza 😛

        But, if you want to give that a shot it’s still a cool idea!

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