Friday Workout: Tempo Back Squat, and a 15 Minute AMRAP



Back Squat, 5-5-5, 4111 Tempo

Light to Moderate weight, focus on positioning.  Tempo is key.


Level 1

AMRAP in 15 Minutes of the Following:

  • Box Push-up x 5
  • Box Jump Step Down (18/12) x 10
  • Slam Ball (20/15) x 15
  • Walking Lunge x 20 (10/leg)
  • Run x 400m

Level 2

AMRAP in 15 MInutes of the Following:

  • Wall Walk x 7
  • Box Jump Step Down (24/20) x 14
  • Slam Ball (30/20) x 21
  • Walking Lunge x 28 (14/leg)
  • Run x 400m

Notes: On walking lunges, hips must come to full extension in between reps.  Can also do lunges in place.  Scale reps on wall walks if necessary (i.e. 5 per round).


Erg Clinic With Our Very Own Laura Kocourek Tomorrow!

Erging (“rowing”) is a repetitive, heavy movement. Similar to doing repetitive deadlifts, form is absolutely necessary. The clinic with Laura will include a core strength segment and also a mobility segment to protect our bodies from overuse injuries and to ensure that we are reaching our full potential during physical activities. Lastly, she will instruct basic and proper rowing technique followed by an erging WOD.  This clinic is going to be a great learning experience for all, so be sure not to miss it!  The clinic will be held on December 14, from 9am-12 (will last about 2 hours depending on number of attendees).  The clinic is FREE to members and $20 for non-members.

Please RSVP to the Facebook Event Here or email if you plan to attend.  If you are not a member of CrossFit Charlottesville but are interested in attending, please send an email and we will provide you with options for how to pay for the clinic.

The seminar will be held in the lower lifting area of the gym.  That area will effectively be “closed” during the seminar.

10 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Tempo Back Squat, and a 15 Minute AMRAP

  1. C’ville Burn:
    We did the same WOD as above.
    Lvl 1.5 (5 WW, 10 BJs to 20″, 15 KBS @ 40#, 20 Lunges, 400m run)
    2 Rnds + 50

  2. BS: 185, 185, 195
    WOD: 2 + 70

  3. BS: 105#
    WOD: 2+3 (only did 5 wall walks/round)

  4. BS: 95, 115, 135
    WOD: 2+35

  5. 1 legged squats w/ 4111 tempo @ 70
    WOD: 2 + 43

  6. Really enjoyed the Erg Clinic with Laura!
    I contributed, once, to our 10,594 meters TEAM WOD-
    500 m @ 1:53
    We beat the “other boat” at approx. 42 min!

  7. Bs 185,205,205
    Close grip bench 135-185x5x4
    Hip thrusters 135x10x3

  8. BS – 105
    WOD – 2 + 200; 3 Wall Walks, 4 PU

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