Holiday Greetings from CrossFit Charlottesville!

Merry Christmas from all of us at CrossFit Charlottesville!  We hope that you are enjoying yourselves during the holidays and getting rested for the New Year to come.  We look forward to having everyone back after the break!

This past year has been exciting and memorable.  We moved to an awesome new space, celebrated our 4-year anniversary, had many fun social gatherings at the gym, lifted some heavy weights, pushed our physical (and mental) boundaries, and much much more.  We added some amazing new trainers to the staff and new programs for our members (and their kids!) to take advantage of.  On another note, it was hard for us to say goodbye to Chris and Jenni, but new opportunities found them up in Northern VA.  Looking back through pictures on Facebook gave me a sense of nostalgia as well as a feeling of excitement for the future.

As we continue to grow, we just want to say thank you to everyone who is a part of our community and who has made it what it is today.  Everything that we have, we owe to you!

Here’s to 2014.


Holiday Schedule Reminders

  • Wed 12/25: Closed (go do something outside with your family!)
  • Thur 12/26: 12PM, 615PM CrossFit Classes Only, and Essentials at 615PM.  No Free Intro.
  • Fri 12/27:  8AM, 12PM, 530PM CrossFit Classes Only.  C’ville Burn at 7AM is on.
  • Sat 12/28: Regular Schedule, except no make-up class at 10AM
  • Sun 12/29: Regular Schedule
  • Mon 12/30: Regular Schedule
  • Tues 12/31: Closed
  • Wed 1/1: New Year’s Day Workout at 4PM Only
  • Thur 1/2: Back to Regular Schedule

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