Tuesday Workout: Pistol Skill Work, Hang Clean Thrusters and Double Unders



Spend 10 Minutes Working on Pistol Technique

Notes: Use boxes, plates, bands, etc. for assistance work.  If you can do unassisted pistols, work on sets with consecutive reps (i.e. 5 sets of 3-5/leg)

Compare to Here


Level 1


  • Dumbbell Hang Clean Thruster (30/15) x 10
  • Jump Rope Single x 50

Level 2


  • Hang Clean Thruster (95/65) x 10
  • Double Under x 50

Notes:  Scale weight as needed, and perform a hang power clean + thruster if still working on full clean.


Competition Season is Almost Here!

Registration for the CrossFit Games Open 2014 starts January 15!  We encourage everyone in the gyms to compete, especially if you competed last year. The Open is a great way to see how you have improved since you started CrossFit, as well as to see how you stack up to people all across the world!  See the CrossFit Games website for more information.  As the Open approaches, we will begin our prep by tweaking the programming to help prepare for the types of workouts that have traditionally come up in the open over the past 3 years.  Even if you are not planning to compete, the programming phase will benefit you as we plan to touch on more skill based work, olympic lifts, and of course moving yourself and some weights.

Support the Lone Survivor Foundation During this Special Event in Richmond

CrossFit Addict in Richmond, VA will be hosting a special WOD on January 18th, 2014 to raise awareness about some of the struggles our veterans face and to educate community members about the resources offered by Lone Survivor Foundation. There will be a brief presentation following the WOD and refreshments will be provided. There will be 2 groups. Please choose to work out at 9 or 10 or register to come and watch and support your fellow athletes. This event is open to everyone, regardless of CrossFit background or athletic ability.  If you want to register for this event, follow the link HERE.  You can also find more information on the Lone Survivor Foundations website.

19 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Pistol Skill Work, Hang Clean Thrusters and Double Unders

  1. Pistol Progressions here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSjxLCKjODc And there will be an article going live on http://www.BreakingMuscle.com on Thursday! Miss you guys.

    1. Nice! Thanks, Chris!

      1. Thanks for the reminders Chris! maybe in the future you can come back and give another gymnastics seminar. 🙂 I try to recall everything you taught us but know I’m forgetting a lot!

  2. hotel wod – 10 rounds of:
    15 air squats
    10 sit ups
    5 push ups

  3. Pistols: Band assisted with elevated heel. Left leg is way stronger than right…
    WOD: 3 rounds @ 95#, SUs 1 round and barbell hops the next two

  4. lots of progressions; popped my pistol cherry – one on left leg
    WOD: 3 rds-ish; 25 DU first two rounds, finished with 175 SU

  5. pistols: red band assisted
    WOD: 2+10 rx

  6. WOD: 2 rounds + 10 clean-thrusters + 60 single unders.
    95# bar. 100 single-unders. Planned to do doubles (reduced reps) but kept tripping so I went with the movement where I could keep moving.

  7. Felt like I made improvement on the Pistols. Did lots of various progressions. Getting close!
    WOD: 2 rounds + 10 Squat Clean Thrusters + 13 Single Unders
    (First round @ 70#, 2nd and 3rd @65#, 100 Single Unders/ round)

  8. 3 skips short of 4 rounds, bummer.

  9. 5 + 24 (sub’d FS @ 135# for HCT)

  10. 3 rds
    @ 85#, single-single-double pattern

  11. Pistols- 5 each side
    WOD- 3 + 23 @ 55#

  12. Strength: supersets:
    A. Bench 3×5 @40kg
    B. External Rotation Raises 3×10 @5#

    WOD: 3+5 @85#

  13. 3 rounds + 6

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