Thursday Workout: Kipping Technique, and CTB, DU, Rowing Intervals

Open WOD 14.2 will be released live on the CrossFit Games website at 8pm!  If you are competing in the open on Saturday, be smart about your effort today if you plan to work out.  Take Friday off or come in to do some movement practice or skill work once you find out what the workout entails.  We will program the Open Workouts as the Friday WOD for the gym.



Kipping Pull-up Technique


Level 1

3 Rounds for Total Working Time:

  • Ring Row x 10
  • Jump Rope Single x 50
  • Row x 250m
  • Rest 2 Minutes

Level 2

5 Rounds for Total Working Time:

  • Chest to Bar Pull-up x 7
  • Double Under x 30
  • Row x 250m
  • Rest 2 Minutes

Notes:  If it’s nice outside and you want to run, sub 200m run for row.  Pull-ups should be done in an unbroken set each time.


Saturday Class Schedule

There will be NO regular make-up class on Saturday at 10am.  This time will be reserved for those competing in the open workout.  Regular class make-up will be held at 11am as normal.

13 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Kipping Technique, and CTB, DU, Rowing Intervals

  1. Kipping Technique – Do not pause at the top, keep feet together
    WOD: 11:34

  2. My kipping definitely improved. Good instruction. Thanks
    WOD: 11:53 (10 DU +30 SU rds 1+2, 50 SU rds 3,4,&5)

  3. WOD: 10:06 (?)

  4. 9:54 rx
    (1:55, 1:56, 2:04, 1:58, 2:01)

  5. WOD: 9:01 (regular PUs)

  6. 8:16 with regular pull ups

  7. 6:48 rx (but only 4 rounds)

  8. 9:20 (DUs rds 1, 5, single single double rds 2-4)

  9. 13:13. Double-unders were all forward DU (!)

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