Thursday Workout: Hang Power Snatch and a Partner WOD



Hang Power Snatch, 3-3-3, Moderate weight, focus on technique and speed under the bar


In Teams of 2, Complete the Following for Time:

  • Double Under x 200
  • Row x 1600m
  • Slam Ball (30/20) x 100

Notes: Only one person working at a time.  Scale double unders to 2x singles, and scale weight on slam ball as needed.


Saturday Class Schedule

There will be NO regular make-up class on Saturday at 10am.  This time will be reserved for those competing in the open workout.  Regular class make-up will be held at 11am as normal.

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11 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Hang Power Snatch and a Partner WOD

  1. Anyone wanting help with your Snatch I can’t tell you enough – GO SEE ELIZABETH!

  2. Snatches: 85, 95, 100# (PR for hang snatch, and for any snatch triple)
    WOD: 12:00 Rx with Lex!

  3. 10:14 with Kyle

  4. WOD- 6:16 (1/2 wod rx except only 500 m. row)

  5. 5:38 solo half

  6. Snatch: 95#

    WOD: 11:21 with Daniel.

  7. Snatch: 55, 65, 70
    WOD: 12:00 Rx w/ Joe

  8. Treated this as active recovery for the week on Saturday.

    Hang snatch: 135, 135, 155

    WOD: 10:35 elapsed time. Individual at half rep counts. Time also included a reset to rewarmup my doubleunders after repeatedly failing to get more than one.

  9. Did a version with Anna Saturday: split the load rx but ran a mile together in between. Did it downstairs and didn’t clock it

  10. 65, 75, 75
    WOD: 14:53 w/ Gary, accumulate 100DU, slam ball rx both

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