Info on Gym Happenings

Put these upcoming events on your calendars, and get involved!

Bring A Friend Day is Back!

Bring A Friend Day will be the first Thursday of each month, starting May 1!  Bring a friend to the gym for any class time.  Expect some sort of partner workout so you and your friend can team up.

First Friday Potluck-Style BBQ and Hang Out

On May 2, join us for the first “First Friday” BBQ and hang out of 2014!  BYOB and BYOM(eat), but please feel free to bring a side to share.  Bring your family and/or friends, and come hang out after classes end on Friday around 6pm.  We’ll have the grill up and running and cornhole boards set out, so it’s going to be an awesome time!  RSVP to the Facebook Event (or just show up!).

Beginner/Intermediate Erg Clinic

On May 3 at 1:30pm, we are hosting a beginner/intermediate erg clinic with Laura Kocourek!  This clinic will be very similar to the one we ran in the fall of last year.  If you feel like you need some pointers or are just not “getting it” on the erg, this clinic is for you!  You’ll do some core work, learn proper technique and basic drills, and do a fun team workout at the end!  Free for members and $20 for non-members.  Please RSVP to the Event on Facebook.  The FB Event has a much more detailed description of the clinic.

Advanced Erg Clinic

On May 10 at 1:30pm, we are hosting an advanced erg clinic with Laura!  Prerequisites for the Advanced clinic include having a good understanding of your own power/splits when rowing and/or having attended the beginner clinic in the fall or on May 3, 2014. That being said, the purpose of this clinic is to REFINE your technique.  If you are unsure about whether or not you should attend the advanced clinic or cannot come to the beginner/intermediate clinic, please email with questions!  Free for members and $20 for non-members.  Please RSVP to the Event on Facebook

CF C’ville Goes to Friday’s After Five, May 16

We are planning to meet up on the downtown mall for Friday’s After Five on May 16.  Come out with your family and friends, and meet us there!  Please RSVP to the Event on Facebook

SuperFit Charlottesville, June 14

SuperFit Games is coming back to Charlottesville on June 14!  Did you know that the very first SuperFit Games was held at our old facility right here in Charlottesville back in early 2010?  SuperFit has grown to be a nation-wide competition platform, but it’s returning to its roots here in Charlottesville!  It is an Rx only, individual competition, but if you competed in the open you are more than ready for it, and here’s your chance to compete at home!  We also need judges and volunteers for the event, and you can sign up to do that at the same registration link.  Please visit the SuperFit Charlottesville page for more information and details on how to register!


12 Comments on “Info on Gym Happenings

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  9. I have already signed up for Tough Mudder Richmond, but for Saturday June 14th.
    If you aren’t doing Superfit RX’ed then Saturday will be a great day to join me and you’ll be able to drink Saturday night after the race.

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