Monday Workout: Helen




3 Rounds for time of:

  • Run x 400m
  • Kettlebell Swing (53/35) x 21
  • Pull-up x 12

*Notes: For Level 1, scale KBS to lighter Russian Swings (35/20) and Pull-ups to Ring Rows

Compare to 08/25/13


  • Couch Stretch or “Super” Couch Stretch (employing band), 1-2 minutes per side

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19 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Helen

  1. 11:44 rx compared to 12:56; good to know my ability to run uphill was not completely lost over the winter

  2. 10:48 rx PR

  3. 9:52 rx PR (should have rolled hams\quads more; next 9;30)

  4. 12:31. 6 kipping PU rather than use a band. Having to force myself off of the bands.

  5. 11:55 Rx (PR by 35 seconds)

  6. 14:18 (500m row, 35# full swings, 12-9-7 strict PU both grips)

    such mods

  7. 11:13rx (boo – 20ish seconds slower than pr)

  8. 10:52
    almost a minute faster than a year ago

  9. 11:43, pr by about 40 seconds

  10. 10:09 Rx

  11. 13:45 little bit better than last year’s times

  12. 9:44 rx (~30 secs off PR… blame scott for not making the round count clear)

  13. 12:20 rx (except banded pull-ups)

  14. 12:55 (35# russian, purple band pu) slower than last time (still hurt)

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