Thursday Bring a Friend Day Partner WOD!



In Teams of 2, Complete Each Segment For Time:

Part 1: 0 – 10:00

3 Rounds of:

  • P1 Row x 250m
  • P2 Plank Hold
  • P2 Row x 250m
  • P1 Plank Hold

Part 2: 10:00 – Finish

4 Rounds of:

  • Wall Ball x 25
  • Sandbag Carry x 200m


  • On Part 1:  Each partner rows 750m (total) and holds a plank 3 total times (like tailpipe).   If you finish Part 1 within the 10 minute cap, rest until the clock hits 10 minutes (if you don’t finish, start on Part 2 regardless of where you are on Part 1).  Can be any style plank, and you can switch it up during each set if necessary (i.e. regular plank, side plank, straight arm plank, etc.).
  • On Part 2:  Split up the work with your partner however you want.  One sandbag per team.  On the carry, both partners must travel 200m together (only one person carrying at a time).  Sub med ball or slam ball for carry if necessary.
  • Have fun and work together!


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4 thoughts on “Thursday Bring a Friend Day Partner WOD!

  1. team jess
    part 1 6:12
    part 2 7:35

  2. with Lex

  3. With Kristen,
    Part 1: 7:13
    Part 2: 10:00 (I used a 52# bag)

  4. with Morgan
    Part 1: 7:2?
    Part 2: 10:02 (12#wb, 32#sb)

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