Upcoming Saturday Schedule Change and Skill Clinics! Plus Other Important Stuff


Now that summer is here, we wanted to bring back an earlier Saturday option to replace our 10am class during some of the hotter months.  We realize that some of you want to get your workout in during the morning, and this will allow you to do so while avoiding some of the summer heat!

For the months of June, July, and August, the Saturday schedule will be as follows:

  • 8am: CrossFit Make-up Class
  • 11am: CrossFit Make-up Class (no change here)
  • Noon: C’ville Strength, Essentials, and Intro (no change here)

The 8am class will effectively replace our current 10am class for the next 3 months.  Beyond August, we will most likely resume our current Saturday Schedule.


After reviewing survey responses, we understand that there is a need for more seminars or skill clinics to cover in greater depth some of the more complex movements that we do in the gym.  The trainers discussed some options as a group, and decided that a once-monthly “skill clinic” going forward would be the best way to address each individual person’s needs.  Check out the points below to get an understanding of how it will work.

The brief overview:

  1. Skill clinics will take place once per month (on a Saturday), starting in June
  2. The first clinic is June 7, from 9-11am
  3. During this time, you can come in and get help on any movement related to the “focus” for that skill clinic.  The focus will be different each clinic, but we will likely revisit a similar focus more than once.
  4. There will be 3-5 trainers staffed during the clinic.
  5. You don’t have to show up exactly at 9am and stay for the full 2 hours!  Come at any point during the 2 hour clinic, but please note that we will end right at 11am.
  6. These skill clinics are for members only.

What the skill clinic is NOT:  It is not an open gym time to come in and do a metcon or a make-up workout on your own in the upper room.  During this time the space is reserved for anyone participating in the skill clinic.  We want you to be able to come in and get coached by any one of the trainers staffed during the time to learn progressions or drills so that you can work toward your goal, whatever that may be.  Note: On days when we have a skill clinic, the lower room will be open if you want to lift on your own.

What will be the focus of the first skill clinic on June 7?  The first skill clinic will be focused on gymnastics movements.  This could range from getting help with your handstands, handstand push-ups, pull-ups, pistols, ring work, and so on.  Any skill you want to work on, we are here to help and coach through progressions and drills.  Going forward, we will look at changing the focus of the clinic each month (kettlebells, mobility, etc.).

Do I need to sign up in advance?  Not for the first session, but depending on attendance we may look at having some sort of advance sign-up procedure for July and onward.  You can send an email to Scott if you are thinking of attending or have questions.

We hope that this helps address the needs of some of our members wanting more time to focus on drills and skills outside of regular classes!  If these skill clinics are popular enough, we may look at including it as an ongoing part of our schedule.

To reiterate, we are planning to host a skill clinic once per month over the next few months.  The first clinic is June 7, from 9-11am, and will focus on gymnastic movements.  Members only, and no advance sign-up required for the first skill clinic.

If you have any questions, please email Scott at info@crossfitcharlottesville.com.


With the summer heat comes sweat and excessive chalk usage, so please remember to wipe your equipment down when you are done using it!  There are spray bottles and rags near the pull-up rig – use the rags sparingly or share with someone else when wiping stuff down.  A little goes a long way.

Also, if you didn’t check out the post on hand care, CHECK IT OUT HERE.  It’s an old post with some valuable information.  Torn calluses happen, but you can take steps to minimize it.

Some quick equipment reminders:


  • Remember to gently put monitors down after using
  • Handles should be placed all the way in to the fly-wheel after use as well

Barbells and Bumper Plates

  • Avoid dropping empty barbells on the ground
  • If you are using only 10lb bumper plates on each side, please be careful about dropping the bar overhead.  These plates will cause the bar to bounce sideways, but more importantly the 10lb bumper plates can easily break with repetitive dropping.  Try to control the bar on the way down in this case, and only drop when you absolutely have to.

That’s it for now!

And keep up the hard work in the gym!  As trainers it’s rewarding to see the progress that everyone is making.  If there is anything we can do to make your experience better, just ask!



22 thoughts on “Upcoming Saturday Schedule Change and Skill Clinics! Plus Other Important Stuff

  1. Hey! So I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve fallen off the crossfit wagon. I’m a little nervous about jumping right back into it so I think I’ll come to the skill clinic. I’ve been sort of cherry picking days to come (or even days I’ll consider coming but still don’t), but I’m wondering if you think I should just jump back in and scale, or go to a couple essentials classes. This horse has been really difficult for me too get back on for some reason. Thanks! Jo Dunkle

    1. Essentials!!! And Strength.


    if you’re craving extra attention on specific lifts, remember you have WEEKLY OPTIONS for this, in fact you have it 6 days a week, available for all members:

    -Essentials Classes (T/Th at 6:15, Sat at noon): the named doesn’t say “remedial” or “intro”, it says “essentials”. If you are struggling with lifts that you see often in workouts (jerks, thrusters, front squats…), then consider revisiting an Essentials class for some more in depth personalized instruction.

    -C’ville Strength (M/W 7pm, Sa/Su noon): open for ALL LEVELS for ALL strength lifts. Problem with your snatch? Let us help. Clean and jerk? We’re here for you. Deadlift? We do that too. We even like benching.

    1. Yes, all awesome points, Elizabeth!

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