Tuesday Workout: OTM Push Press, Row, and a Tabata

Congratulations are in order for team “The Invinceables” (team members: Corinna Coffin, Kevin Righi, Nicole Smith, and our very own Dave Hargis!).  They were the winners of the MMFF Novice Division at the Team SuperFit Roanoke competition on May 10!  Way to take home the gold!

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Photos courtesy of SuperFit Games and Mark Zaragoza Photography


Level 1

OTM 10:

  • Even Minutes:  Dumbbell Push Press x 7
  • Odd Minutes:  Row x 7-10 Calories

Rest 4 Minutes

Then, Alternating Tabata (6 rounds of each movement – 20 seconds on/10 seconds off) of:

  • Slam Ball (20/15)
  • Abmat Sit-up

Level 2

OTM 10:

  • Even Minutes:  Push Press x 7
  • Odd Minutes:  Row x 10-15 Calories

Rest 4 Minutes

Then, Alternating Tabata (8 rounds of each movement – 20 seconds on/10 seconds off) of:

  • Slam Ball (30/20)
  • Abmat Sit-up

Notes: For L2, Push Press should be moderate/heavy “touch and go” weight.  Scale calories on rower so that you are able to complete the work within each minute with time to rest/transition.  Record PP weight, Reps on Rower (cals), and lowest number of slam balls and sit-ups in the tabata.  (I.e. 135#, 15, 12, 12).  Share Rower and Equipment as necessary (i.e. alternate even/odd minutes with a partner).


Stay Tuned for Updates Regarding Abbreviated Memorial Day Schedule (we will have 2 class times for Memorial Day “Murph”)

SuperFit Charlottesville, June 14

SuperFit Games is coming back to Charlottesville on June 14!  Did you know that the very first SuperFit Games was held at our old facility right here in Charlottesville back in early 2010?  SuperFit has grown to be a nation-wide competition platform, but it’s returning to its roots here in Charlottesville!  If you competed in the open you are more than ready for it, and here’s your chance to compete at home!  There is an RX and a Novice (scaled) Division.  We also need judges and volunteers for the event, and you can sign up to do that at the same registration link.  Please visit the SuperFit Charlottesville page for more information and details on how to register!

Did you see the Post on Schedule Changes and Skill Clinics?  Check it out

17 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: OTM Push Press, Row, and a Tabata

    1. well deserved!

    2. congrats David!

  1. OTM 10: 3 rnds PP w/ 30# DB, 2rnds PP w/ 35# DB (wanted to change things up), 15cal row

    Tabata: slamball: 10 for 7rnds, 11 last round
    situp: 11 for 7rnds, 12 last round

  2. OTM 10: 55#, 10 cal row
    Tabata slamball: 13
    situp: 13

  3. OTM: 85#, rowed 60 calories
    Tabata: 11, 12

  4. OTM: 65# (highest I’ve done since getting back into things with my shoulder), 10 cal row
    Tabata: 11 sb, 14 su

  5. OTM: 135, 135, 155, 155, 155 & 12 cal row
    Slam Ball – 12,12,12,12,12,10,8,10
    Abmat – 12,13,12,12,10,10,10,10

  6. OTM: 135# x 5, 15 cal x 5
    Tabata: 12 sb, 12 su

  7. 115#, 15 cal
    12 & 12

  8. 75, 15, 11, 13

    1. Whoops, only did 10 calories per row. 15 would’ve taken me like 1:30, haha.

  9. Back squat to 242×3
    154/air dyne for 15 or so
    Tabata 89# snatch/ghd sit-ups which was a mistake

  10. 95# & 15 Cal

  11. OTM 10: 95#, 11 cal row
    Tabata slamball: 11
    situp: 13

  12. 105# x 5, 12 cals (15 on last row)
    11 slamball, 13 sit ups

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