Thursday Workout: June Bring a Friend Day Team Workout



In Teams of 2:

  • Max Rep Double Unders in 5 Minutes

Then, move right into the following for time:

  • Farmer Carry (53/35) x 400m
  • Wall Ball (20/14) x 100
  • Sandbag Lunge (50s/30s) x 80
  • Slam Ball (30/20) x 60
  • Burpee x 40

Notes: Record Double Under reps and Total Time. Only one person working at a time.  If teammates are using different weights on the farmer carry, both partners will travel to 200m mark and back with only one person moving at a time (otherwise only one set of kettlebells per team with only one person carrying at a time).

Level 1 Subs

  • Max Reps Singles (divide by 3 for score)
  • Light Farmer Carry
  • Wall Ball to 9′ Target (12/8)
  • Bodyweight Lunge
  • Slam Ball (20/15)
  • Burpee (because burpees are awesome)


“First Friday” Potluck Style BBQ and Hangout this Week!

The “First Friday” Potluck of June is this week (June 6), starting around 6:15pm when the last Friday evening class gets out.  Bring your own meat and a side to share.  We’ll have the grill up and running and the corn-hole boards set out, and it’s going to be an awesome time!  Bring your friends or family along if you want.  RSVP to the Facebook Event and invite your friends!

Skill Clinic This Saturday, June 7

The first skill clinic will take place this Saturday from 9-11am.  Any member is welcome to come and work on any gymnastic skill that they want!  We will have multiple coaches staffed to help you through progressions and drills so that you can work toward your goal.  Also, please note that we switch to a Saturday 8am/11am workout schedule this week.

SuperFit Charlottesville, June 14

SuperFit Games is coming back to Charlottesville on June 14!  Did you know that the very first SuperFit Games was held at our old facility right here in Charlottesville back in early 2010?  SuperFit has grown to be a nation-wide competition platform, but it’s returning to its roots here in Charlottesville!  If you competed in the open you are more than ready for it, and here’s your chance to compete at home!  There is an RX and a Novice (scaled) Division.  We also need judges and volunteers for the event, and you can sign up to do that at the same registration link.  Please visit the SuperFit Charlottesville page for more information and details on how to register!

Click Here for More Detailed Info about Schedule Changes and Skill Clinics

6 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: June Bring a Friend Day Team Workout

  1. w/ Jess
    DUs: 515
    WOD: 15:29 rx

  2. 524 du
    with meg

  3. 450ish
    18:56 girl’s rx with Brice

  4. 308, 19:07 Rx with Chad, who did most of the work. Was this workout beastly hard for anyone else? 🙂

  5. 552 DU (I think; I know I did 327)
    19:57 with Karl (35#kb, 32/52# bags, 20#sb)

  6. 1/2 WOD with me!
    11 something w/ 35# Farmer carry, 10# wb, 30# lunge, 15# slam ball

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