Thursday Workout: Strength Day v2



A. Back Squat, 5-5-5-5-5 (5-10# heavier than last week), 60 sec rest between sets

B. Shoulder Press, 5-5-5-5-5 (5-10# heavier than last week), 60 sec rest between sets

Strength days are important to improving your performance in CrossFit and increasing your metabolism. Don’t skip out on these days!


40 Toes to Bar in unbroken sets of 5 (i.e. has to be sets of 5, so rest as needed so you don’t fail a set – can be kipping)

*Scale to V-Ups or do 25 strict toes to bar in sets of 5


CF C’ville Goes to Friday’s After Five, June 20!

We are planning to meet up on the downtown mall for Friday’s After Five this Friday (June 20)!  Come out with your family and friends, and meet us there!  Please RSVP to the Event on Facebook

17 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Strength Day v2

  1. BS: 205
    SP: 115

  2. BS: 125
    SP: 60
    Also learned a neato method of wrapping thanks to Jess.

    1. …taping. neato method of taping.

      1. woot! maybe next time i can teach you some neato rapping.

  3. BS: 105#
    SP: 75#
    Core Work: 30 T2B

  4. BS: 195
    SP: 125

  5. BS: 175
    SP: 85

  6. BS: 245
    SP: 135

  7. BS: 155
    SP: 82

  8. BS: 155#
    SP: 75#

  9. BS- #143 (65K)

  10. BS @125#
    SP @65#
    playing catch-up from last week

  11. BS: 177
    SP: 99

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