Schedule Changes to C’ville Strength and Intro/Essentials in July

Starting the week of July 7, we will be making some schedule changes that will affect C’ville Strength weekday classes as well as our Free Intro Class and Essentials

  • C’ville Strength will be moving to 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday during the week (schedule remains the same for the weekend)

  • Intro/Essentials will be moving to 6:15pm on Monday and Wednesday during the week (we will still have our regular Saturday classes at noon)

These changes will better serve our growing strength community as well as make it easier for new members to take advantage of our Essentials class during the week.  None of these changes will have an effect on our regular CrossFit Class Schedule.

Also, just a reminder about our current Saturday CrossFit schedule.  We have CrossFit make-up classes at 8am and 11am ONLY.  There is no longer class at 10am.

All of these changes are reflected in our online scheduler, and the website will be updated by the 7th.

If you have questions please email Scott!

Thanks, and always have fun getting more fit!

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