Wednesday Workout: Mix of AMRAPs



Level 1

AMRAP 8 (~90%):

  • Dumbbell Thruster (30/15) x 5
  • Ring Row x 5
  • Row x 200m

Rest 3 Minutes


  • HS hold (feet on box or on wall) x 15-30 seconds (cumulative)
  • Box Jump Step Down (20/12) x 7

Level 2

AMRAP 8 (~90%):

  • Thruster (95/65) x 5
  • Chest to Bar Pull-up x 5
  • Row x 200m

Rest 3 Minutes


  • Wall Walk x 5
  • Box Jump Step Down (30/24) x 7

Notes: This training session should be aerobic, not a completely all out effort – don’t worry so much about your scores, work on your pacing : )  Move at a sustainable pace and scale so that you are not hung up on any one movement, especially on the first AMRAP.  For wall walks, RX= chest touching the wall in a vertical handstand.  Scale them by just walking your feet up as high as you’re comfortable with arms extended and in place. Share equipment as necessary – you can choose to start either AMRAP first.


4th of July Schedule

  • We will have only one class at 10am on July 4 – the workout will be a PARTNER workout and will be open to anyone, so bring your friends if you want
  • On Saturday (7/5), the 8am class is cancelled.  All other classes on Saturday are on a normal schedule (11am CrossFit Make-up, 12pm Essentials/Intro, 12pm Strength).

Schedule Changes to Intro/Essentials and C’ville Strength Take Effect July 7


  1. Please note that due to the holiday we will not be hosting a “First Friday” potluck at the gym in July.
  2. Bring-a-Friend Day is Wednesday, July 9. Tell your friends and bring them along for a fun partner workout!


12 Comments on “Wednesday Workout: Mix of AMRAPs

  1. AMRAP 1: 3 + 100m (Thrusters @ 55# r 1&2, 45# 3&4; Chin2B)
    AMRAP 2: 4rds (3 WW/rd,20″ Box)

  2. 1: 4+2 (used 30# DB for thrusters to change things up, strict pu with the tiny band :))
    2: 4+1 (3 WW/rd) – feelin the shoulders…

  3. AMRAP 1: 4+180m (65# thruster)
    AMRAP 2: 10+4 (HS holds 15-20 sec; 24″ box)

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