Wednesday Workout: Rope Climbs and Rowing



Rope Climb, 8 ascents, rest as needed between attempts

Notes: Can do any technique – legless, wrapped, l-sit, etc.  Sub rope pulls and sets of inverted ring rows as necessary.


For Time:

  • Row x 1500m (see notes)

Notes: At the top of every minute, you must get off the rower and do 7 pushups.  Continue this pattern until you have completed 1500m worth of rowing.  Begin on the rower. For Level 1, scale row to 1000m.

Compare to Here


Sign up for 31 Heroes – August 2!

We will be hosting the “31 Heroes” WOD on August 2nd from 10:00-12:00! Please click the following link to read about the WOD and the history behind it.

You must register for the workout through our registration link ( in order to participate. You can still participate even if you cannot do the entire workout as prescribed (and we encourage you to!), but you must register online in order to participate this Saturday! All proceeds go directly to their families. You can make additional monetary donations if you wish.

This is a partner WOD, so grab a partner and come work out with us on August 2nd to honor their sacrifice.  Please note that the regular CrossFit Class at 11am is Canceled this Saturday.

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15 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Rope Climbs and Rowing

  1. 2 legless and 3 legged rope climbs

  2. RC: 8 L sits
    WOD: 6:24

  3. 7:56

    13 seconds slower

  4. Cville Burn WOD:

    3 TIMES:
    45sec lunge w/overhead weight; 15sec rest;
    45 sec slam ball; 15 sec rest;
    45 sec shuttle run; 15 sec rest
    (REPS completed: 69, 68, 65)

    Row 1000m -7 pushups top of every min. — 6:52

  5. couple legless, played around with technique


  6. 1 L-sit climb, 1 legless, 6 regular
    WOD: 9:40 (exactly 1 minute PR)

  7. rc: 2 legless, 5 regular

  8. 11:42. There is something incredibly, horribly awry with my rowing, apparently.

  9. 6 wraps

  10. 8:55
    8 rope climbs. Thanks for showing me some new techniques Alex!

  11. 1 Rope climb

    ~13.11 Row/Pushup

    No shame

  12. 1 Rope climb

    ~13.11 Row

    eh, no shame

  13. Rope Climbs: 5 leg wrap, 1 legless
    WOD: 5:59

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