Monday Workout: Push Press, Run, Front Squats, Toes to Bar

What a solid week!  You all completed some tough workouts, and we had an awesome turnout for the “31 Heroes” WOD on Saturday.  Thank you to everyone who registered to participate – it was our biggest turnout yet!  If you’re still a little sore from the workout, consider dialing it back a bit today.  I’m planning to upload some pictures to Facebook this week, so be on the lookout for those.

Another big highlight from last week is everyone smashing some PR’s during the CrossFit Total!  If you were able to stick to the strength progression over the past couple of months, I hope you noticed some great results.  You should be proud of what you accomplish in the gym.  Going forward, we’ll be adding in a little more dynamic strength work including some lifting complexes, but it will not be as regimented as the strength progression that we just completed.  One more note – track your numbers and post your stuff to the website!  We love to see your progress.  [Also, as an aside, if you ever want to spend some more time working on the oly lifts – snatch, clean and jerk – you can always attend our awesome barbell class, C’ville Strength!]



Push Press, build to a 1RM

Notes: Consider this a 1RM with good form – be smart if you find yourself fighting to get the weight up.


Level 1

3 Rounds for Time of:

  • Run x 250m
  • Goblet Squat x 10
  • V-Up x 15

Level 2

3 Rounds for Time of:

  • Run x 400m
  • Front Squat (135/95) x 10
  • Toes to Bar x 15


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17 Comments on “Monday Workout: Push Press, Run, Front Squats, Toes to Bar

  1. PP: 185#
    WOD: 13:48 – 135# FS for the first round, 115# FS for next two. T2B first round, sit ups for next two

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