Friday Workout: Legless Climbs and Some Fun Stuff

Fridays After Five tonight!  Come join us downtown after 6pm!

Today is also the last day we need people to sign up for Tubing this Sunday! RSVP to the Facebook event or sign up at the gym (sign-up sheet to left of chalkboard when you walk in)

What happened here?


Legless Rope Climb, start from sitting position and accumulate 5-10 reps within a 10 minute period (For example: can do a rep EMOM or every 2 minutes)

Notes: Sub rope pulls or inverted ring rows for strength work, or scale to legless rope climb from standing position.


Level 1

Row x 750m

Then, 5 Rounds of:

  • Box HSPU x 4
  • Ring Row x 6
  • Russian Kettlebell Swing x 8
  • Abmat Sit-up x 10

Level 2

Row x 1000m

Then, 5 Rounds of:

  • Handstand Push-up x 4
  • Chest to Bar Pull-up x 6
  • Kettlebell Swing (70/53) x 8
  • Abmat Sit-up x 10

*Hands on 45# plates with 1 abmat


Fridays After Five, September 12

CrossFit Charlottesville is heading to the Downtown Mall again for Friday’s After Five on Friday on September 12. Gates open at 5:30pm but feel free to come and join us anytime between 5:30-8:30pm at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion on the Downtown Mall.  RSVP to the Facebook Event if you plan to join us!

CF Charlottesville Goes Tubing

The gym will be heading out for a fun day of tubing on Sunday, September 14th. It will be $24 per person, which includes your tube, and an $8 cooler tube rental fee (multiple people can go in on one tube cooler). Their weekends do fill up fast so please let us know by Friday, Sept. 12th if you would like to participate. If we get 25+ people there will be a group discount.  For more event information check out the Facebook event and if you have any questions email

13 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Legless Climbs and Some Fun Stuff

  1. Strength: 3 legged rope climbs
    WOD: 13:21 (HSPU w/ knees on box, did 3 strict PU/rnd (except 6 the first rnd))

    1. Interesting, where’d you get the 3rd leg?

  2. skipped the rowing and did 5 leisurely rounds not for time @45#kb and all reps unbroken

  3. 12:30 (1 ab mat, rest rx)

  4. 3x legless rope climb
    12:54 [800 m run, 2 ab mats, 40# kb]

  5. 5 legless rope climbs
    14:42 (2 abmat HSPU, 53# Russians, sloooooow rowing)

  6. Did Back Squat work instead of rope climbs.

    WOD: 11:58 (800m run instead of 1000m row, and kipping pullups instead of C2B)

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