Wednesday Workout: Long One v2



Level 1


  • Run x 600m*
  • Push-up x 15
  • Front Squat x 15
  • Box Jump Step Down (18/12) x 25
  • Jump Rope Single x 50
  • Farmer Carry x 100m (to Street and Back)

*600m run follows the 800m course, but turnaround before last turn that leads to dead-end (not exactly 600m, just an estimate)

Level 2


  • Run x 800 Meters
  • Wall Walk x 10
  • Overhead Squat (95/65) x 20
  • Box Jump Step Down (24/20) x 30
  • Double Under x 40
  • Farmer Carry (53/hand, 35/hand) x 100m (to Street and Back)

Notes: Scale wall walk reps if necessary (i.e. 5 or 7 per round).  Goal is to move at an intensity that you can sustain throughout the AMRAP if possible.


Sunday Funday Park WOD!

Please RSVP to the Facebook event if you plan on coming so that we know how much equipment we need to bring!

CF Charlottesville Goes Tubing – MOVED TO THIS SATURDAY!

The gym will be heading out for a fun day of tubing on Saturday, September 20th. It will be $24 per person, which includes your tube, and an $8 cooler tube rental fee (multiple people can go in on one tube cooler). Their weekends do fill up fast so please let us know if you would like to participate by RSVP’ing to the FB Group or signing up at the gym (sign-up sheet next to chalkboard). If we get 25+ people there will be a group discount.  For more event information check out the Facebook event and if you have any questions email

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Long One v2

  1. 1+10 (35#db, rest rx…..wall walks were killing me, but this is the first workout my stomach touched the wall for every one….small victories)

  2. 2 minus 50yds of fireman’s carrier (800m run, hand release PU, 10x 24″ steps, 10x 24″ jumps, 10x 20″ jumps, 65# OHS, 50 SU, 106# FC)

  3. 1+56 [10 wall walks first round, 6 on the second round, 55# front squat, 40 alternating single/double-unders, 30# KB]

  4. 1 + 91 Rx (35# FC)

    Terrible wrist pain on the OHS, so that slowed me down a bit.

  5. 2 + 50m… 55#, rest rx

  6. WOD: 1 + 50m of the Firemans Carry
    (65# OHS, 80 Single Unders, 55# FC)

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