Tuesday Workout: Clean and Jerks, Muscle Ups



Clean and Jerk, spend 10 minutes working on technique and work up to weight for workout


Level 1

5-4-3-2-1 Reps of Each for Time:

  • Hang Clean and Jerk (choose challenging weight)
  • Ring Row (double reps)

Level 2

5-4-3-2-1 Reps of Each for Time:

  • Clean and Jerk (185/135)
  • Muscle Up

Notes: Clean and Jerk should be moderately heavy, but should be a weight that you can power clean and push or split jerk.  If scaling muscle ups to pull-ups or ring rows, double the reps (i.e. 10-8-6-4-2) and add pushing variation as well (i.e. box dips or hand release push-ups).

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Clean and Jerks, Muscle Ups

  1. 8:23 @ 85#, 2x pull-ups/box dips

    Back’s pretty sore, so I didn’t go crazy heavy.

  2. 9:27 @ 105# w/ 2x ring rows with feet elevated and deep box dips

  3. 10:51 @125#, 2spull ups + 2xR push ups

    Failed my last rep of C&J and had to make a 2nd (successful) attempt

  4. 7:13 with bar muscle ups and 115#

  5. 8:22 @185# w/jumping bar muscle ups

    225# C&J 1RM

  6. 6:49 105# and double the push and pull things.

  7. 10:03

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