Monday Workout: Handstand Work and Push Press, Lunge, and Run

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Deficit Handstand Push-ups, AMRAP(-1) x 3 sets

Notes: Strict or kipping – set up deficit as low as you want and record depth along with reps.  Sub HSPU negatives, regular HSPU, or attempt banded HSPU or some other sub if possible.  AMRAP(-1) means do as many reps as you can do each set, but stay about 1 rep shy of hitting failure.


Level 1


  • DB Push Press (30/20# per hand) x 8
  • DB Lunge x 8 (4/leg)
  • Run x 200m

Level 2


  • Shoulder to Overhead (115/85) x 10
  • Barbell Lunge (115/85) x 10 (5/leg)
  • Run x 200m

Notes: Can have barbell in front rack or on back for lunges


“First Friday” Potluck Style BBQ and Hangout at the gym this Friday, Oct 3!

The “First Friday” Potluck of October is this Friday, starting around 6:15pm when the last Friday evening class gets out.  Bring your own meat and a side to share.  We’ll have the grill up and running, the corn-hole boards set out, kanjam throwing, and it’s going to be an awesome time!  Bring your friends or family along if you want.  RSVP to the Facebook Event and invite your friends!

12 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Handstand Work and Push Press, Lunge, and Run

  1. skill: HSPU negatives w/ 2 abmats
    WOD: 4+6rx

  2. HSPU: 9 – ish
    WOD: 5+11 @ 95

  3. 3×3 on parralets



  4. 5+10 (13 ish mins due to plate issues)

    1. 3 x 5 parralets with abmat

  5. HSPU: 5, 4, 3 strict w/ 1 abmat (also, figured out that I can do at least 1 strict HSPU w/ no abmats, woot)
    WOD: 5 + 20 @ 75#

  6. hspu: kipping with 1 ab mat (15-20 total)
    wod: 6 rounds rx

  7. hspu: 4, 4, 2 [kipping with 1 ab mat]
    wod: 3+7 [75# on rounds 1 and 2, 55# on round 3]

  8. HSPU negatives, 3 sets of 6 w/ 1 ab mat
    WOD: 4 + 100 m, 65#

  9. HSPU work
    WOD: 5 + 10 rx

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