Thursday Workout: Lurong Challenge WOD 5

Lurong Challenge WOD #5: “Boomsauce”

Athletes will have 15 minutes to complete as many reps as possible. The workout rep scheme is an Ascending Ladder of the following movements:

  • Squat Cleans
  • Muscle Ups/Pull Ups/Jumping Pull Ups

Movement details

The athlete will have 15 minutes to complete as many reps as possible. Each round the number of reps for each movement increases by 1 rep.

Level III

  • 1 Squat Clean at 185/105 lbs
  • 1 Muscle Up
  • 2 Squat Cleans at 185/105 lbs
  • 2 Muscle Ups
  • 3 Squat Cleans at 185/105 lbs
  • 3 Muscle Ups
  • 4 Squat Cleans at 185/105 lbs
  • 4 Muscle Ups
  • …and so on
*Notes for Regular Class: If you are not participating in the Nutrition Challenge, scale weight on squat cleans as needed and perform 1 pull/1 dip sub for each muscle up rep (i.e. 1 chest to bar pull-up + 1 ring dip, 1 pull-up + 1 assisted ring dip, 1 ring row + 1 box dip, etc.).
**Notes for Nutrition Challenge Participants: If you are participating in the Nutrition Challenge, please find your scaling options here:
There will be score sheets printed out for everyone – break up into heats and judge each other if you are working out during class time and good luck!!


Our friends at Airrosti will be giving Complimentary Pain and Injury Assessments on Oct. 9th from 5-7pm at CrossFit Charlottesville! Please click HERE to sign up or call (210) 283-2457. Assessments will take 20minutes.  See the side-bar on this page for the link as well.

IA Social Media Image 4Old Rag Hike!

Join us for a day of hiking at Old Rag Mountain on Sunday, October 19th. This is one of the most popular hiking trails in the area with amazing views and a fun rock scramble!   RSVP on Facebook

If you want to carpool plan to be at the gym by 8:30am so we can get to the trail by 9:30am and have lunch at the top. So please remember to dress accordingly for the day and to bring drinks, snacks, and a lunch with you. There is a parking lot area designated near the start of the trail, but as it is a popular trail carpooling is encouraged.

You can check out this link for more information about the trail:


13 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Lurong Challenge WOD 5

  1. more hotel fun…
    Hollow rock
    100m(ish) run between each round

  2. 7 + 8 cleans @ 95#

    10 minutes, switched to power cleans on round 5 b/c my knee hurt again 🙁

    1. Also subbed pull ups and box dips w/ feet on a 12″ box for muscle ups

  3. 6+3 @135#, Strict Pull Ups & Parallette Dips

  4. 8 + 4 (155#, c2b/dip)

  5. 6+7 @105#
    Admittedly, the very last mu I did I couldn’t press out but went on to the cleans anyway

  6. 7 even (in 14 min)

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