Thursday Workout: OTM Work and Farmer Carry for Days



OTM 10

  • Even Minutes: Overhead Squat x 6
  • Odd Minutes: Chest to Bar Pull-up x 5-10

Notes: Take barbell from ground for overhead squats – choose weight that is challenging but doable for 5 sets of 6 reps.  Can full snatch first rep.  Scale chest to bar reps as needed as well as pull-up variation (i.e. chest to bar –> strict pull-up –> kipping pull-up –> ring row).


Level 1

For time:

  • Hand Release Push-up x 15
  • Farmer Carry x 100m
  • HR Push-up x 10
  • Farmer Carry x 100m
  • HR Push-up x 5
  • Farmer Carry x 100m

Level 2

For time:

  • Ring Dip x 20
  • Heavy Farmer Carry x 100m (to street and back)
  • Ring Dip x 15
  • Farmer Carry x 100m
  • Ring Dip x 10
  • Farmer Carry x 100m
  • Ring Dip x 5
  • Farmer Carry x 100m

Notes: Record farmer carry weight and total time.  Break up reps as needed to keep the reps quality on ring dips (i.e. shoulder must touch top of rings at bottom and elbows must come to full extension at the top).


Halloween Bar Crawl on the Downtown Mall – October 31

Let’s dress up and hit the town for some grownup trick-or-treating also known as a bar crawl. So dress to impress and get ready for some Halloween fun!

We will start the night at Blue Light at 9pm and then let the night take us from there. If you have any bar suggestions for the night please share below! You can follow along with the gym by using #XFitCvilleHalloween on Instagram.

Best dressed costume will of course receive bragging rights and an honorable spot on the following week’s workout post.

Please help us improve the gym and serve you better by filling out this survey today!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: OTM Work and Farmer Carry for Days

  1. 135#
    10 c2b
    6:31 @ 53#

  2. OHS- 45-55# (first attempts overhead in almost a month without pain) and 8 C2B
    WOD- 7:12 smallest Redband ring dips/both knees / 35# KB’s

  3. 115# OHS
    6:51 @ 55#db, ring dips

  4. OHS @ 115, 7 c2b, ~7:30ish

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