Monday Workout: Back Squat, Wall Ball, Power Clean, Pull-ups

We had a blast at the end-of-year party, so thank you all for coming out!  Also, just a reminder that the Lululemon Trunk Show + Airrosti Shoulder Workshop is tonight at the gym. If you want to sign up for a spot in the shoulder workshop with Airrosti, please sign up at the link HERE.  Thank you!



Back Squat, 3-3-3, 31X1 Tempo


Level 1

  • AMRAP 2: Wall Ball to 9′ Target

– Rest 2 minutes

  • AMRAP 5: Ring Row x 15, Hang Power Clean x 15

– Rest 2 minutes

  • AMRAP 2: Wall Ball to 9′ Target

Level 2

  • AMRAP 2: Wall Ball to 10′ Target (20/14)

– Rest 2 minutes

  • AMRAP 5: Pull-up x 15, Power Clean (135/95) x 15

– Rest 2 minutes

  • AMRAP 2: Wall Ball to 10′ Target (20/14)

Notes: Record score on each section.


Lululemon Trunk Show + Shoulder Workshop with Airrosti

Join us for a little Christmas shopping at the gym on Monday, December 8th from 4:30-7:15pm with Lululemon! They will be hosting a trunk show at the gym so you can get your gym lovers exactly what they are looking for this holiday season. You can also send your loved ones in to shop for you as well!

During this time we will also be hosting a shoulder mobility workshop in the lower gym area starting at 4:45pm and going until 6:15pm by our very own friends at Airrosti Rehab Centers.  Please RSVP HERE, and sign up HERE to reserve one of 15 available slots in the shoulder workshop.

Claim Your Account on our new member management system, Front Desk!

Your membership and profile is already set up in Front Desk, but claiming your account gives you the ability to update your personal info, manage your schedule, sign in to classes, and many other things online!  You can fill out a digital waiver as well.

You’ll notice the class sign-in system has changed recently, too.  You can sign in using your phone number or a QR code (must request a QR code AT the sign-in kiosk and have it sent to your mobile device), or you can sign-in to classes in advance. If you have any questions, email Scott or ask a trainer in the gym.

8 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Back Squat, Wall Ball, Power Clean, Pull-ups

  1. WOD 1: 48
    WOD 2: 2 @ 115
    WOD 3: 49

  2. BS: 115#
    WOD 1: 45
    WOD 2: 1+25
    WOD 3: 42
    rx (couple of those wb didn’t touch though)

  3. BS: 245#
    WOD1: 57
    WOD2: 2+6
    WOD3: 41

  4. BS: 135
    WOD: 33, 1 + 23, 34 Rx

    (Trying not to annihilate my legs right at the beginning of the week, so I did sets of 5 WBs at a time.)

  5. 155
    53, 2+15, 44 rx

  6. bs: 105#
    1 + 24 @ 75#

  7. WOD: 48, 2 @ 85#, 41

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