Wednesday Workout: Run, Thruster, Jump, Sit-up



Level 1


  • Run x 200m
  • Dumbbell Thruster x 10
  • Abmat Sit-up x 15
  • Jump Rope Single x 60

Level 2


  • Run x 200m
  • Thruster (115/85) x 10
  • Abmat Sit-up x 15
  • Double Under x 30

Notes: Sub 250m row for run if necessary


Nutritional Seminar – Healthy Eating Around the Holidays!

When: December 18, 530pm.  RSVP HERE!  The seminar will be one hour long and will include:

  • Clean Eating, the what, why and how
  • Carbohydrates, when to eat, what to eat, and how they effect our body
  • “Because I worked out” and your diet
  • Does a 15 min AMRAP = a large pizza, beer, and ice cream?
  • Q&A time

Claim Your Account on our new member management system, Front Desk!

Your membership and profile is already set up in Front Desk, but claiming your account gives you the ability to update your personal info, manage your schedule, sign in to classes, and many other things online!  You can fill out a digital waiver as well.

You’ll notice the class sign-in system has changed recently, too.  You can sign in using your phone number or a QR code (must request a QR code AT the sign-in kiosk and have it sent to your mobile device), or you can sign-in to classes in advance. If you have any questions, email Scott or ask a trainer in the gym.

11 Comments on “Wednesday Workout: Run, Thruster, Jump, Sit-up

  1. WOD: 3 + 36

    95# thrusters
    60 single unders (got 22 in the last round, so counted 11 to my score)

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