Tuesday Workout: Power Cleans, and 15-12-9

Happy Holidays!  We have updated our schedule, so please see below for details.  Please note all classes are regular today except the 7pm CrossFit class is canceled, and C’ville Strength is moved to 530pm!  Please note we are CLOSED tomorrow (Wednesday, Dec 31).  Thanks!


Power Clean, 2.2.2 x 3 sets

Notes: rest 15 seconds between doubles, and 2-3 minutes between sets


Level 1

15-12-9 Reps of Each for Time:

  • Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerk
  • Burpee
  • Ring Row

Level 2

15-12-9 Reps of Each for Time:

  • Ground to Overhead (115/85)
  • Burpee
  • Chest to Bar Pull-up


Happy Holidays!  Please note our Schedule Changes next week around the New Year (see our schedule on Front Desk if you have questions):

  • Monday (Dec 29): Regular, except NO CF Class at 7pm
  • Tuesday (Dec 30): Regular, except NO CF Class at 7pm and Strength is moved up to 530pm
  • Wednesday (Dec 31): Closed
  • Thursday (Jan 1): One workout at 4pm!  Short strength workout at 4pm, too!
  • Friday (Jan 2): Regular Schedule
  • We resume a regular schedule after this week!  Reminder that we have a 7am CrossFit Class starting every Tuesday/Thursday on Jan 6, as well as our first “Competition” Class on Sunday, Jan 4 at 4pm.  The Competition class is not “open gym”, and is for competitors only.

Claim Your Account on our new member management system, Front Desk!

Your membership and profile is already set up in Front Desk, but claiming your account gives you the ability to update your personal info, manage your schedule,sign in to classes, and many other things online!  You can fill out a digital waiver as well.

You’ll notice the class sign-in system has changed recently, too.  You can sign in using your phone number or a QR code (must request a QR code at the sign-in kiosk and have it sent to your mobile device), or you can sign-in to classes in advance. If you have any questions, email Scott or ask a trainer in the gym.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Power Cleans, and 15-12-9

  1. PC: 95, 105, 110
    WOD: 11:33 Rx

    1. Whoops, I totally lied. Not Rx. I did regular pull-ups.

  2. 125,130,135
    8:38 rx

  3. Tues –
    WOD: 9:53 115 rx
    Sat –
    WOD: 8:17 rx

  4. PC: 155
    WOD: ~8:30ish. Reg pull ups.

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