Monday Workout: TNG Push Jerks, 21-15-9

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“Touch and Go” Push Jerk, 5-5-5

Notes: Moderate weight to focus on speed and technique. If new, scale to 3 sets of 5 Push Press, or regular Push Jerk if necessary. For touch and go push jerk – must be “touch and go” off shoulders (i.e. no resting in front rack).


Level 1

15-12-9 Reps of Each for Time:

  • Goblet Squat
  • V-Up
  • Box Jump Step Down (18/12)

Level 2

21-15-9 Reps of Each for Time:

  • Front Squat (135/95)
  • Toe to Bar
  • Box Jump Step Down (24/20)


Schedule Updates

  • Please note that we have added a 7am CrossFit Class each Tuesday and Thursday
  • Our Competition Class will occur every Sunday at 4pm

12 Comments on “Monday Workout: TNG Push Jerks, 21-15-9

  1. no PJ (shoulder)
    WOD- 7:35 @ 95# from the rack
    subbed vups for t2b due to shoulder

  2. PJ: 95, 115, 135, 155
    WOD: 8:59 (115# FS instead of 135#, v-ups instead of T2B, and most of my box jumps were box step-ups)

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