Tuesday Workout: Ring Dips, Team SuperFit Cary WOD 2

The Habitat Build Day is this Saturday (Jan 31)!  Please RSVP on Facebook by Tuesday night so we can let them know how many are coming, and feel free to bring others along if you want.  Thanks!




Ring Dip, AMRAP(-1) x 3 sets


Complete in 2 Person Teams, “Relay-Style”

20-15-10 reps of each for time:

  • Row Calories
  • Deadlifts (Rx: 225/155) (Novice: 185/125)

Notes:  Each team member must complete the workout. For example, teammate 1 goes first and completes the 20-15-10. Then, he/she will tag in their teammate 2 who will then complete the same rep scheme. Score will be total time it takes both team members to get through the workout.  If you are competing in Team SuperFit on Feb 7 or 8 and plan to do this workout with your teammate, keep in mind there is a 9 minute time cap on this workout (any rep not completed within 9 minutes is a second penalty).  However, there won’t be a time cap on it today for the regular workout.


  1. January 31 Habitat Build Day!
  2. Register for the 2015 CrossFit Games Open!

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Ring Dips, Team SuperFit Cary WOD 2

  1. Strength: 4 (w/2 boxes)
    WOD: 7:41 RX

  2. RD: 4 each set
    WOD: 7:41 (solo @ 135#)

  3. 7 box dips x 3, 1set of 5 ring dips first; 8:30 with 185#

  4. Static Dips 5 reps/round
    WOD: 5:59 solo @ 185#

  5. RD: 9-ish
    WOD: 11:56 @ 185 and 135. (Novice +)

    1. thanks for mentioning me 😛

  6. 10:13 rx with Kendall

    1. Nice work guys

  7. 12:16 w/ Kim
    My part- 7:26 @ 135#
    Good work, Kim!!

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