You Against You – Sign up for the CF Games 2015 Open!


The 2015 CrossFit Games Open is right around the corner, and each year it is an exciting and humbling experience.  You might be asking yourself, should I compete?  With the addition of the scaled division in this year’s open, it really is the most inclusive open season yet.  Our answer: why not compete?

The Open is for Everyone

The Open will feature an “Rx” and “Scaled” division this year, leaving more options for first-time competitors or those of you who just aren’t sure about which level to compete.  The focus should be on you, and how you can continue to better yourself.  More importantly, the focus should be on having fun!  The great thing about CrossFit and the community we have in the gym is that we get to celebrate each other’s successes, and we get to help each other up when we fail.  All in all, we are one big team.

When you hear the words “3-2-1 Go!”, you are moving because you want to see what you can accomplish.  It’s you against you. The open is no different from the time and effort you put into the workouts each week, and it’s a chance for us to cheer each other on and push the boundaries of what we can do, mentally and physically.  It’s about hitting new PR’s, cheering on your fellow CrossFitters, and celebrating in each other’s accomplishments.  Of course, with any competition, there are going to be ups and downs.  Some workouts may play to your strengths, and some workouts may not.  At the end of the day, it’s just another workout, and it’s just you against you.  Those nerves that you have about competing are a good thing – channel them and take advantage of that energy and compete with us!  Register on the CF Games Site

Schedule Changes/Updates During the Open

  • We will be canceling the 10am CrossFit Make-up class each Saturday during the Open (February 26 – March 30)
  • Open workouts (judged times/heats) will take place from 9-11am each Saturday! (Please note that we can coordinate with you if you can’t make one of those Saturday times).  The Sunday “Competition Class” (4-5:30pm) will also be another option for getting the open workouts completed.

**The Open workouts will be released every Thursday night, 8pm ET.  Most likely, we will be programming them as part of our daily WOD on Friday or the following Monday, depending on the movements and what we’ve done that week.  The regular daily WOD won’t be “judged”, so if you are participating in the open you’ll need to have a judge (i.e. come on Saturday from 9-11am).  Each Saturday you are expected to judge your fellow competitors and sign yourself up for a heat. Everything will be much more clear as we get closer to the date, but if you have any questions for now you can email Scott.

Get Pumped, and Get Ready!

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