2015 CF Games Open Details


2015 CF Games Open

The 2015 CrossFit Games Open is only a week away!  It’s an all-inclusive, international competition designed to test your fitness. In order to participate, you must register here. The cost is $20, and you need to select “CrossFit Charlottesville” as your affiliate so we can add you to our team.  Due to rule changes, you cannot register as part of our team unless you are an active member of CrossFit Charlottesville.  Here are details about the CrossFit Games season and the CrossFit Games.


Each week the workout will be announced Thursday night at 8pm EST.  On Friday you should take a rest day, and EACH SATURDAY we will host judged workouts starting promptly at 10 AM.

Please note that the gym will open around 9am that morning, and some weeks we may start earlier depending on the length of the workout. (The rest of our Saturday schedule will remain unaffected).  We will have sign-up sheets in the gym, so you can sign up for a heat and sign up to judge a fellow competitor.

The workouts will be programmed for the rest of the gym on Friday or the following Monday.   If you are competing you should either rest completely or come in and expect to modify the workout on Friday to be biased more towards general skills and mobility.  The first Open workout is to be released on Feb 26!


Please note: If you register for the Open but cannot compete Saturday at 10 AM, then please e-mail scott@crossfitcharlottesville.com to figure out a judging time (please note I can’t always be available, but anyone doing the open can act as your judge). The best alternative is Friday at 4PM, or during the competition class on Sunday at 4pm.  Please note that anyone competing and registered for the open can act as your judge, unless you fall into the category of potential Regional qualifier for individual or team. If you plan to video your workouts and track attendance as part of the new rules, then you must take the Judges course.  So far we have a couple of certified judges, but we need more!  It’s only $10.  You can register to become a certified judge HERE.  Also, if you are competing please familiarize yourself with this post on “What’s New in 2015″.

Lastly, if you have no desire to compete in the Open, then we still highly encourage you to track your progress at these workouts, as this will help you increase your fitness and reach your individual goals over time.

Out of Town Drop-ins

If you are dropping in, our fees are $20 per drop in. If you want to compete with us the entire 5 weeks, the cost is $75.

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