Wednesday Workout: Front Squat, Row, Thruster

Please remember to bring your $5 to the gym for our NCAA bracket challenge!



Front Squat, 3×3


Level 1

For time: Dumbbell Thruster (25/15) x 50

Rest 5 minutes

For time: Row x 750m

Level 2

For time: Thruster (95/65) x 50*

Rest 5 minutes:

For time: Row x 1000m (sub 800m run if you want)

*Notes: Thrusters must be done in sets of 5 (i.e. bar must go back to the floor after 5 reps are completed).  Record time on row and time for thrusters.  Most likely we’ll be seeing a thruster/burpee/box jump workout on Friday for the last open WOD of the 2015 season, so we are just touching on some of the movements this week.  Go hard on each effort, but make sure you pace yourself and don’t miss a set of 5.


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2.  Reminder that there is NO 10am Make-up class on Saturdays due to the CrossFit Games Open.  Make-up at 11am is still on!  10am Make-up class will come back on April 4.

3. Our Eleventh Nutrition Challenge will start up in April – stay tuned for more info about the kick-off date!

4. We will be having a viewing party at the gym for Open WOD 15.5 (the final one!) this Thursday at 8pm!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Front Squat, Row, Thruster

  1. 3 rounds:
    6 strict t2b
    8 burpee box step up 24″
    10 thruster 65#

    3 rounds:
    10 sit up
    8 wall ball
    6 burpees

    …feeling a little outta shape these days

  2. FS: 121# x 3 sets
    Thrusters: 7:00? Rx
    Row: 4:43

    This did not play to my strengths, haha. Wrist pain + a broken watch + short legs = sad Lex. I also would not recommend doing this WOD alone as it gets really easy to take super long breaks between sets of 5 when you don’t have anyone to chase. 🙂

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