Thursday Workout: Thrusters, Pull-ups, Row/DU

If you received the open announcement today, please go HERE for more information and updates.



3 Sets:

  • Thruster (unbroken) x 10, rest 10 seconds
  • Pull-up x 10-20 unbroken, rest 1-2 minutes

Notes: Scale as needed (dumbbells or ring rows).  Choose a weight on thruster that allows you to go unbroken with good form (can go up in weight each set as needed).


Level 1

3 Rounds:

  • Row x 250m
  • Slam Ball (25/15) x 20

Level 2

3 Rounds:

  • Row x 250m
  • Double Under x 50

CASH OUT (on your own)

Foam Roll calves, lower body, etc.


1.  Happy April Fool’s Day!  No one needs to re-do any open WODs : )

2.  Please help us better serve you by filling out our membership survey today! Follow the link HERE

3.  10am Make-up Class is back on for Saturdays now that the Open is over. Thanks!

4. Our Eleventh Nutrition Challenge will start up on April 12 – see THIS POST for all of the information you’ll ever need.



1 thought on “Thursday Workout: Thrusters, Pull-ups, Row/DU

  1. Thruster: 45, 55, 65
    PUs: 5 strict each rd
    WOD: 5:55 Rx

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