Monday Workout: New 6-Wk Programming Cycle and WOD

Hey Everyone- for the next 6 weeks, Kyle is going to be programming some awesome workouts for the gym.  The first week will have some testers that we’ll repeat at the end of the cycle. If you can’t make it in for today’s workout, plan to make it up on Saturday.  The general focus of this cycle is to work on increasing overall endurance while touching on some strength work through various complexes, whereas leading up to the open we were a little more focused on short duration/anaerobic workouts.  As always, make sure that your recovery is a top priority and take rest days when you need it.  Keep up with your mobility work outside of class, and ask questions in the gym!



Level 1

A. In 10 Minutes, work up to a challenging hang power clean

Rest 5 Minutes

B. Then (starting at 15:00), Complete the following for time:

Run x 400m

5 Rounds of:

  • Ring Row x 5
  • Push-up x 10
  • Air Squat x 15

Run x 400m

Level 2

A. In 10 Minutes, work up to heavy 5 rep Power Clean (must be touch and go)

Rest 5 Minutes (break down bars and put stuff away)

B. Then (starting at 15:00), Complete the following for time:

Run x 800m

10 Rounds of:

  • Pull-up x 5
  • Push-up x 10
  • Air Squat x 15

Run x 800m



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2. Our Eleventh Nutrition Challenge will start up on April 12 – see THIS POST for all of the information you need.

23 thoughts on “Monday Workout: New 6-Wk Programming Cycle and WOD

  1. PC: #95
    WOD: 19:34 (RR; mix between regular and box push-ups)

    1. 5/18: PC: #95; WOD: 20:49

  2. worked up to 5 reps of 125#
    rest 1 min
    400m, 5 rounds Cindy, 400m

  3. PC: 135 (should have done more)
    WOD: something:33!

  4. PC: 105
    WOD: 21:46

  5. PC- up to 100 but dropped each time- next time wearing knee pads
    WOD- 12:58

    1. Oops!!
      Wod- 15:58

  6. PC – missed the last rep @ 95, so 85
    WOD: This one killed me – 23:2? ran only in the parking lot (no hills yet), pull-ups with toes on box, and Pushups scaled to knee pushups for round 6 on

  7. PC: 155#
    WOD: 20:19

  8. PC: 105#

    WOD: 19:48 – dropped to knees on pushups at round 7

  9. 185# ; 3 @ 205

  10. 140#
    20:05 Rx

  11. PC: 195#
    WOD: 21:24 RX

  12. 225#

  13. 175 touch and. Go

  14. 105

  15. 120#

  16. PC: 175 (?)
    WOD: 16:42

  17. Clean complex 65#
    Level 1 WOD

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