Thursday Workout: Team WOD

Reminder that the Nutrition Challenge Kick-off is this coming Sunday (April 12) at 3pm!  The potluck will happen on April 19 at our celebration cookout at the gym at 530pm



In Teams of 2, Complete the Following (in any order and rep combination you choose)

  • Thruster (95/65) x 100
  • Pull-up x 100
  • Push-up x 100
  • Power Snatch (95/65) x 100
  • Kettlebell Swing (70/53) x 100
Level 1 Subs
  • Dumbbell Thruster
  • Ring Row
  • Box Push-up
  • Hang Power Snatch (55/35)
  • Russian Kettlebell Swing

Notes: Choose to break up work in any order and rep combination – As examples: 5 rounds of 20 of each movement (breaking up movements 10/10 with your partner, or 10 rounds of 10 of each, alternating each movement with your partner).  30 Minute Time Cap.



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2. Our Eleventh Nutrition Challenge will start up on April 12 – see THIS POST for all of the information you need.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Team WOD

  1. Hannah/Matt: 21:55

  2. 19:15 with Landon

  3. 21:22 w/ Frank the tank

  4. 23:32 with Joey

    Broke it up into 10 rounds of 10 reps per movement. Joey carried our team, doing 6 thrusters to my 4 for the last 3 rounds, so she did 53 total while I did 47. She also did 51 snatches while I did 49. We split 50/50 for the other 3 movements.

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