Tuesday Workout: Team AMRAP, Row, C&J, Muscle Up, and More

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Level 2

In Teams of 2 (one person working at a time), AMRAP 25:

  • Row x 300m
  • Clean and Jerk (135/95) x 10
  • Muscle Up x 10
  • Double Under x 50

Notes: Scale Muscle Ups to pull-ups or ring rows, and double unders to 3x singles.  Can switch row to 250m run (top of hill) if necessary.



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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Team AMRAP, Row, C&J, Muscle Up, and More

  1. With Getty: 9 + 78m
    Sub Pull Ups for Muscle Ups
    Joe: C&J @135# for ~4 rounds, then 125#

  2. 8 rounds in 25:10 – 85# c&j, subbed pullups for MU’s
    solo- 1/2 reps

  3. w/ Owen: 7 + 20
    85# for Lex, 95# for Owen, 10 PUs, SUs for Owen

  4. 7+ 6mus w/ Alex Fink

  5. 6+272m w/ Ed Bedard

  6. With Baxter

    8 + 95m

    Subbed pullups for muscle ups
    Each round Baxter did 30 DU, and I did 60 SU

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